Students can make dorm room reservations through the representatives' system. After the student arrives to the university, he/she should go to the 1st floor of Bufavento dormitory and complete the necessary procedures with the Mare Bianco administration. After completion, the students will be settled in the room where they will stay for the academic year with the help of the attendant.
The student must sign the dormitory rules and the room embezzlement form given to him/her by the building supervisor. The student is obliged to observe and abide the rules of dormitory life. Students, who will apply for dormitories, should submit all the documents requested by the Residence Halls Directorate on the specified date.

New Students

If the addresses they declared to ÖSYM have not changed;
- Printout of the CIU dormitory application form
- Photocopy of an identity card
- A medical report issued by the Family Physician indicating that the health condition is suitable for staying in the institution
- Forensic records and archival records
- Dormitory pre-registration invoice photocopy
- Photocopy of deposit invoice

Note: New students can apply through the representative system or students, who decide to stay in dormitories, after arrival can go to the dormitories and look for available rooms and pay the fee of their dorm rooms to the Residence Halls Directorate. After that, they can make the payment by receiving the dormitory price information from the Accounting Directorate. They can then complete their registration.

Dormitory Students

Students, who stayed in the dormitory before, can pay the dormitory reservation fee twice a year in the fall and spring terms and register to the dormitories again (during this period student must not have any debt).


Room Transfer

Students who wish to reserve their dorm room for the next academic year must submit their application to the Dormitory Office before the end of the semester.

Room Change

Dormitory room changes are made with another room that is the same at the request of the student. Dormitory room change request is made free of charge for the first time. However, if the student wants to go to the room exchange for the second time, € 100 will be credited to the student account. If the student moves to a room cheaper than the expensive room, his/her initial contract is valid. When the price is changed after moving to a different dormitory, the price difference is paid to accounting.
In addition, the Residence Halls Directorate has the right to make room changes when it is necessary.