The Registrar's Office Directorate, as one of the administrative units of our university, is a location where the students will be in contact with throughout their education, starting with their registration, until their graduation.

The students go to the Registrar’s Office to finish the procedures and complete their registration. Starting from that moment, whenever they need any document or information, they can go and receive help from the office to meet their needs.

The original certificates which the students submit during the registration are organized and kept in this office. If any of the students need any of their certificates or wish to terminate their registration, they need to apply to this office and collect their original certificates.

Possible problems that students may face during their education, such as curriculum, incorrect course registration or incorrect grade entries, are solved by this office also.

The students can get documents like student letters, transcripts or special letters for official purposes from the Registrar’s Office. The special letters may include information regarding registration, termination or change of department statements with dates. Other special letter types may include student’s active status in the university; whether the student is transferred from another university or the student’s English proficiency results. Such documents are especially needed by foreign students for visa processes which require students who are active in the current semester, to be enrolled for the upcoming semester. In addition to all these documents, the students who want to apply to other schools for transfer need to come and request the necessary documents from our office.

All the graduation procedures, approvals and the graduation ceremony are also conducted by the Registrar’s Office.

The warm, energetic, friendly and patient personality of the Registrar's office staff, come from their years of experience of working with students. Their relationship with the students continue to improve with each passing day, makeing the students feel comfortable and appreciated, while simultaneously making the work easier and enjoyable for the staff.

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) coming from students and their answers can be found on the Student Information System.


Registrar's Office Directorate
Student Services Building
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2033/2895