Selected Academic Studies & Publications of SERC

1- Photovoltaic Solar Energy Studies

   - Okoye C., Abbasoğlu S., “Empirical Investigation of Fixed and Dual Axis Sun Tracking Photovoltaic System Installations in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, Journal of Asian Scientific Research, Vol. 3 (5), 440-453, 2013.
   - Adedeji M., Şenol M., Abbasoğlu S., “Determination of optimum tilt and azimuth angles for photovoltaic systems in Northern Cyprus”, SolarTR 2014, 19-21 November, 2014, İzmir, Turkey.
   - Babatunde A., Abbasoğlu S., “Evaluation of field data and simulation results of a photovoltaic system in countries with high solar radiation”, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Vol. 23, 1608-1618, 2015.
   - Şenol M., Abbasoğlu S., Kükrer O., “A Guide in Installing Large-Scale PV Power Plant for Self Consumption Mechanism”, Solar Energy, Vol. 132, 518–537, 2016.
   - Mert Ü. O., Abbasoglu, S., Şenol M., “Influence of PV System Installation on The Residential Electricity Consumption”, 16th International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE-2018) 09-11 May 2018, Famagusta, N. Cyprus.
   - Babatunde A., A., Abbasoglu, S., Şenol M., “Analysis of the Impact of Dust, Tilt Angle and Orientation on Performance of PV Plants”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 90, 1017-1026, 2018.
   - Babatunde A., A., Abbasoglu, S., “Time series predictive analysis of PV plants specific yield”, Environmental Progress, 2019. (Accepted)

2- Techno-economic Analysis of Photovoltaic & Wind Energy Systems

   - Abbasoğlu S., “Techno-economic and environmental analysis of PV power plants in Northern Cyprus”, Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research, Vol. 28, No.1, 357-368, 2011.
   - Abbasoğlu S., İskar E., Abatan A. A., “Techno-Economic and Environmental Analysis of 10 MW Wind Farm in Northern Cyprus”, IRENEC 2011, 1. International %100 Renewable Energy Conference, 06-08 October, 2011, İstanbul, Turkey.
   - Cabacaba N., Abbasoğlu S., “Evaluation of Wind-Solar Hybrid System for a Household in Northern Cyprus”, IRENEC 2013, 3. International %100 Renewable Energy Conference, 27-29 June 2013, İstanbul, Turkey.

3- Solar Thermal Energy Studies

   - Abbasoğlu S., Atikol U., “The role of solar collector efficiency in reducing the electricity costs of water heating in Cyprus”, 34th FAE International Symposium, Conference Proceedings, 483-486, 25-26 November, 2004, Lefke, Cyprus.
   - Ruwa T. L., Adun H. H., Abbasoğlu S., “Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Power Plant Applications”, HONET-ICT International IEEE Symposium, 13-14 October 2016, Kyrenia, Cyprus.
   - Arıkan E., Abbasoglu, S., Gazi M., “Experimental Investigation on the Thermal Efficiency of a Flat Plate Collector Using Al2O3/EG-Water and ZnO/EG-water Nanofluids”, 10, 1794; doi:10.3390, Sustainability, 2018.

4- Energy Management & Efficiency & Policies

   - Atikol U., Abbasoğlu S., Nowzari R., “A feasibility integrated approach in the promotion of solar house design”, International Journal of Energy Research, Vol. 37, Issue 5, 378-388, 2013.
   - Usman Z. G., Abbasoğlu S., “An Overview of Power Sector Laws, Policies and Reforms in Nigeria”, Asian Transaction on Engineering, Vol. 4 (2), 2014.
   - Usman Z.G., Abbasoğlu S., Ersoy N.T., Fahrioğlu M., “Transforming the Nigerian power sector for sustainable development”, Energy Policy, Vol. 87, 429-437, 2015.
   - Bamisile O. O., Dagbasi M., Abbasoğlu S., “Economic Feasibility of Replacing Sodium Vapor and High Pressure Mercury Vapor Bulbs with LEDs for Street Lighting”, Energy and Policy Research, on-line publication, 2016.

4- Energy Literacy & Education

   - Öykün T., Abbasoğlu S., “Importance of Energy Education on Different Age Groups”, 7th International Ege Energy Symposium, 18-20 June 2014, Usak, Turkey.
   -Bamisile O. O., Abbasoğlu S., Dagbasi M., Garba M., “Evaluation of Energy Literacy among Nigerian Senior Secondary Students”, Research & Reviews: Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 3 (1), 11-18, 2016.
   - Bamisile O. O., Abbasoğlu S., Dagbasi M., Garba M., “Assessment of Renewable Energy Education among Senior Secondary School Students in South-Western Nigeria”, Research & Reviews: Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 3 (1), 01-10, 2016.
   - Öykün T., Abbasoğlu S., “Energy Literacy Survey at High Schools in Northern Cyprus”, International Journal of New Trends in Arts, Sports & Science Education, Vol. 6 (2), 01-16, 2017.

Training Programs, Short Courses, Invited Speakers and Seminars

   - “Renewable Energy Sources and Applications”, Seminar, 2 July, 2011, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Workshop, Chamber of Architectures, Cyprus.
   - “Renewable Energy Sources and Some Applications in Cyprus”, Short course, 26 May, 2012, 50th Anniversary Mini-Conference of Fulbright Commission, Cyprus.
   - “Renewable Energy Sources and Some System Applications in Northern Cyprus”, Short course, 12 March, 2013, Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems Graduate Program Spring 2013 Seminars, Middle East Technical University, Cyprus.
   - “Renewable Energy Sources”, Short course, 17 September, 2014, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Cyprus.
   - “Photovoltaic Systems”, Short course, 5 November, 2014, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Cyprus.
   - “PV Legislations & Market Analysis while utilizing Research Studies on PV Applications in Northern Cyprus”, Invited Speech, SolarTR 2014, 19 November, 2014, İzmir, Turkey.
   - Training of Trainers program on Capacity Building Measures on Energy Efficiency for Architects and Building Planners, Eclareon GmbH, 11-14 May 2015, Antalya Turkey.
   - “PV Plant Design/Installation under Self-Consumption Scheme and Performance Analysis”, Short course, Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems Graduate Program Spring 2017 Seminars, Middle East Technical University, 21 April, 2017, Cyprus.
   - “Renewable Energy Legislations and Brief Market Analysis of TRNC”, Invited Speech, 6th Multinational Energy and Value Conference, Middle East Technical University, 18-20 May, 2017, Cyprus.
   - Training of Trainers program on grid-connection standarts of grid PV system, Sequa Developpp Project organised by Valentin Software, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V. - LV Berlin-Brandenburg (DGS) and Çataklı Energy, 05-08 February, 2018, Antalya, Turkey.
   - “Performance analysis of PV plants with different tilt angle and different orientation, and Influence of dust on PV Performance”, Invited Speech, ASHRAE Energy Seminar, 03 March, 2018, Qatar.
   - “Solar Energy Fundamentals and Photovoltaic Systems”, Short Course (20 hours), German University of Technology in Oman, 08-12 April, 2018, Oman.