About the Program

The aim of the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program is to educate current and prospective pharmacists with pharmacy-related M.Sc. degree, with Ph.D.-level education in many fields of pharmacy such as pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology. The objectives of the program are to educate students who will play an important role in the development of our university and will further the scientific studies and contribute to the scientific literature. The mission of the program is to develop scientists who always follow the latest technological and scientific developments and adopt the philosophy of critical thinking with an evidence-based, multidisciplinary, collaborative thinking structure. The vision of the program is to pioneer the latest scientific developments, be the cornerstone of the scientific improvement of universities, and contribute to the production of quality science in the development of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences in the world and the region.

Education Opportunities

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program aims to develop students in the field of pharmaceutics and provides them with strong knowledge foundation. The curriculum consists of: two compulsory courses of pharmaceutical sciences; technical elective courses on specific topics such as pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical biotechnology; a seminar; and a thesis. The courses are chosen by the students in consultation with their course advisor and can be selected from the list of offered Ph.D. courses. Research methods course offered to the students targets to improve students’ research abilities. A thesis supervisor who is expert in their field is assigned for each student in order to assist the student in preparing the seminar and designing a plan of study for the thesis on a particular pharmaceutical sciences focus area. Students continue their laboratory studies in the modern laboratories of CIU, equipped with the most advanced equipment of the island.

Career Areas

Within the scope of the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, students will be able to solve problems in research and development studies and / or work in projects that will bring innovation to science and technology. It is possible to conduct some of these studies in related industries and abroad within the scope of international collaborations. Graduates of the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences will be employed as academics in the faculties of pharmacy, health, engineering as well as being hired by drug and cosmetics industry, and in laboratories related to biomedical sciences. Ph.D. graduates of Pharmaceutical Sciences will be supported to take part in these fields and improve themselves. As a result, they would be highly experienced scientists and would also help our society in the fields related with pharmaceutics.


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