About the Program

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Master Program aims to provide an in-depth study and specialization opportunities in the field of petroleum and natural gas engineering, at graduate levels. Students, after graduating from the program, will be able to research better, and present the results of their research in a formal presentation, both in written and oral formats. A thesis study on selected petroleum and natural gas engineering topic is a required task of the program. In addition to the core courses, the students will be able to select their area of specialization via the relevant elective courses. In this respect, the students will be able to specialize in different fields of the discipline, namely exploration and production.

Education Opportunities

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Master Program, with its international character of students, will bring international research topics with real problems and relevant solutions. Students will be able to study, covering almost all major areas of the discipline within Exploration, Reservoir, and Production, with a wide range of course selection opportunities provided, in order for the applicants to establish creative or contemporary solutions, which require petroleum and natural gas engineering expertise. The presence of research-oriented experienced instructors with field expertise will provide a wide range of thesis and topic selection, in addition to the relevant full capacity laboratories aiding their education and training.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Master Program can work as managers in institutions and companies focusing on petroleum and gas related practices. Specially, petroleum and gas exploration companies, petroleum and gas production companies, refineries, companies related with storage and transportation of petroleum and gas, as well as state enterprises related to energy in general. Graduates can also find employment opportunities within large-scale companies and multinational companies operating within the energy sector. They can also pursue an academic career by completing a doctorate degree and find employment within higher education institutions as academic staff.


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