About the Program

Graduates of the Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICT in Education) Master’s Program (M.Sc.) are trained with the required knowledge and skills to apply current research and learning theories, and use emerging technologies to solve learning problems. It is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the design of learning technology environments, systems, applications and instructional materials for multiple learning contexts.
The focal points of the faculty staff and students include:
Computer-supported collaborative learning
Games and simulations
Instructional design
Performance improvement
Emerging technologies
Online, blended, and mobile learning and teaching
Technology for classroom interaction and engagement

Education Opportunities

Cyprus International University, which hosts students from many countries around the world, offers high-quality education and training opportunity in an international environment. In our department, research and practice are given as much importance as the courses so, our students learn by doing and living. Scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, symposiums and panels are organized on a regular basis to contribute to the development of productive, creative and independent individuals with scientific thinking skills and working styles. Moreover, the students will have strong academic background as well as necessary skills to be competent in the academic world, the industry or the service sector. Postgraduate studies at CIU are built upon academic freedom and ethical conduct. Our practical laboratories, equipped with the most recent technologies, are open to the use of our students outside the class hours. Our students, as individuals living in a globalized world, are trained through teaching methods which provide them with the knowledge and skills on all devices and materials used in education in order to make them aware of the rapid changes in technology and information flow. On top of that, postgraduate students will have multicultural educational opportunities with the expertise of the academic staff.

Career Areas

Students gain the skills needed for careers in K-12 schools, universities, government agencies, businesses, and other organizations.
Graduates have the opportunity to work in the following positions and fields:
Education and Training Technologist
Academic Staff
Content Development Specialist
E-Learning Project Manager
Software Development Specialist
Computer Systems and Web Designer
Multimedia and Graphic Designer
Computer Programmer
Project supervisor
Network Administrator
System Designer
Multimedia Designer
Database Administrator


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Çevik Uraz Center, CU244
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2214-2228
Institute E-mail: ciu-institute@ciu.edu.tr


1-2 Years