Students could calculate their dormitories fees with their tuition fees through the fee calculator.

Fee Calculator

Please follow the ‘Fee Calculator’ link below to calculate dormitory and tuition fees according to your program, meal and accommodation preference.

Students are responsible for all the items and materials in the dormitory rooms that they have received from the Residence Halls Directorate. The student is obliged to hand over all the items he/she has received to the Residence Halls Directorate in a complete and undamaged manner when leaving the dormitory. In the case of any loss or damage to the item, the cost is payable by the student.
Students who stay in dormitories are obliged to fulfill the leave procedures by applying to the Residence Halls Directorate before leaving the dormitory. The belongings of students who leave their rooms without notice, are kept at the warehouse by the Dormitory Administration. The Residence Halls Directorate is not responsible for the possible damage or loss of the goods that are not taken by the student for 30 days.