The Cyprus International University Faculty of Law was established in 2010. With an increasing number of students, it is developing day-by-day with its academic staff. Our Faculty of Law offers two undergraduate, four graduate and one doctorate program.


The task of the Cyprus International University Faculty of Law, is to improve the legal education and training provided in the TRNC, and to train contemporary lawyers. In this context, our faculty aims to serve the country and humanity as a legal research and training center with international reputation, in light of the needs of the country and the most recent developments in the field.


The Faculty of Law is quite broad in terms of career areas. After completing the 4-year undergraduate program in the Department of Law, students can generally work as a "Judge", "Prosecutor" or "Lawyer" according to the area they specialize in during their internship. Some students also continue to work as "Consultants". In this sense, job opportunities for students who graduate from the Faculty of Law can be broadened.