About the Program

The Master's Program in Education Administration aims to train effective leaders who can shape, manage and adapt to change in educational institutions in the globalized world where rapid developments and changes are experienced. Our program also provides students with information on the leadership, motivation, change, decision-making, planning, problem-solving and communication processes that are necessary for the effective management of an educational institution. The planning, supervision and evaluation of the educational processes are additionally included in the scope of the program. The economical dimension of education is also of great importance. The experts educated in our program will also be trained in the subjects of education economy, budgeting, and cost-effectiveness. This master’s program will also serve for people who work in education and human resources departments of public and private sectors as well as those working at educational institutions. Employees of such organizations will be educated in a way to help them gain the ability to conduct needs analysis and organize courses for the continuous development of staff.

Education Opportunities

The Master of Education AdministrationProgram has full-time staff including two professors and two assistant professors. Throughout the program, we offer research-based education with the use of all kinds of educational technologies. Smart boards are available in each classroom. Faculty members can show videos and films related to the subject they teach through the smart boards. In addition, our students make presentations using smart boards and share their projects with their group members. Our classrooms have equipment that allows students to work in teams. The students who are studying in the Master of Education Administration Program are given the opportunity to conduct scientific researches, participate in conferences and publish their works in scientific journals as well as benefitting from theoretical lectures. Our students are able to easily access scientific resources through some of the important databases provided by our university library.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Master of Education in Education Administration Program will receive the title of ‘expert in educational administration’. The experts of educational administration gain expertise in other areas as well. Graduates will be able to work in the Ministry of National Education as well as in schools, universities and other educational institutions as administrators. Students will also be able to work as inspectors in primary schools, which are under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education. The field of education administration is an ideal career area for teachers who want to develop themselves not only to be a manager but also to cultivate the institution they work with, to contribute to school planning, to improve themselves in strategic thinking and vision creation.


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1-2 Years