About the Program

The master’s program in Economics aims to prepare students with competence in microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistical methods knowledge while aiming to ensure that students have a background to help them gain these competencies even if they have not graduated from economics as their bachelor’s degree. If our students have studied economics in their undergraduate education, they will be directly admitted to the graduate program on the basis of performance evaluation. If they have graduated from another department, they will be prepared for the graduate program by taking basic undergraduate courses. The program aims to practice the theoretical background acquired through compulsory and elective courses through extensive research opportunities and communication between academic staff and students. Our master's program specializes in environment and energy economics, political economy and development economics. The medium of instruction for the program is English.

Education Opportunities

The master’s program on economics consists of two compulsory (advanced microeconomics and advanced macroeconomics) and five electives (econometrics, business department elective courses, research methods, accounting and finance department elective courses) and seminar course (compulsory). Our students are able to take some of the courses (practical courses) in the first and only fully-equipped finance laboratory in Northern Cyprus. Participation is compulsory in all courses and a thesis proposal for the thesis graduate program must be submitted at the end of the seminar course. However, it is expected that a high-quality master's thesis is prepared under the guidance of the thesis supervisor and defended in front of the thesis jury. In the non-thesis master's degree program, participation is compulsory in all courses and students are required to take two compulsory and six elective courses followed by the completion of a graduation project.

Career Areas

The program curriculum offers our students a wide range of career opportunities. An important part of this business is to find jobs in a wide range of sectors including finance, consultancy in public or private institutions. Our graduates, who wish to pursue an academic career, may have the opportunity to study in prestigious institutions in TRNC, Turkey or abroad. You can visit the Alumni Relations and Career Research Center in Cyprus International University to be aware of our graduate-university network that is constantly updated with about internships, jobs, and career opportunities both during and after your master’s program.


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