The Student Development and Counseling Center was established not only to provide students with contemporary knowledge and skills, but also to assist them with their potential in psychological, educational, and social development areas and to provide counselling services on their way to success throughout their education.

Working Areas

Student Affairs, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center and the Social Activities Coordinator are under the body of the Directorate of the Student Development and Counseling Center.

Provided Services

Immigration procedures for all postal and foreign students depend on the Student Affairs. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center promotes the personal development and psychological well-being of all students and encourages a university environment that is conducive to growth and learning. The social activities coordinator provides students with opportunities to spend their leisure time on activities that can be active, creative, and social; to carry out scientific research in line with the needs and demands of the students in social, cultural, economic, and sportive areas which also complement the academic programs; and to do physical development activities.