About the Program

Our Specialist Doctorate Degrees were designed for the professionals who would like to broad- en their knowledge, expand their expertise and develop research skills with a focus on theoretical knowledge and its use in business practice. By conducting original research in their specialist area, candidates are able to progress their careers and stand out in the competitive globalized marketplace. Whatever the subsequent career you have, the transferable skills and knowledge gained will be an asset to you and help you to advance the effectiveness of your organization and those who work in it. The program aims to develop personal, consultancy and research skills in the context of rigorous and relevant research.

Education Opportunities

In the CIU, professional doctoral studies provide research on current topics in management science, management theories, statistics, economics and research methods. The language of instruction is English. Before completing the thesis, the student is expected to develop his / her field expertise in close cooperation with the faculty advisors. The conclusion of doctoral studies includes the preparation of the thesis proposal and the actual completion of the thesis research and defense of the thesis in front of a jury which consist of the academicians and written in accordance with the academic form. Throughout doctoral education, students are encouraged to submit papers at conferences and publish articles to publish in prestigious journals.

Career Areas

A DBA is usually seen as the highest level of academic achievement for today’s managers and is thus ranked over the well-known MBA. Main target group for a DBA program are middle- and top-management executives, who have already earned their Masters or MBA degree and thus it opens totally new career prospects and the elevation on the career ladder. DBA graduates are equipped to hold several high-level positions, based on their field of spe- cialization and career interests. Roles may include executive and leadership positions in corpo- rations, non-profit organizations and government institutions and healthcare organizations. Professionals with a DBA may also perform financial analytics, conduct business research or write for business publications, educational textbooks and online business media. Your DBA most certainly would allow you to stand out of the crowd and draw the attention of your future employers.


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