Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) of Cyprus International University is a research center where multidisciplinary research is carried out using the latest and most comprehensive facilities in the fields of Cancer, Physiology, Microbiology, Environment, Nanotechnology and Biogeotechnology.
The mission of our center is to provide students with high quality scientific studies with international and national influence and to enable them to participate in real scientific projects.
In the context of this mission, many research projects (supported by organizations such as TUBITAK, EU, KAV) are carried out at BRC, informative symposiums are held, presentations are made at various international and national scientific meetings and international scientific articles are published.
Among these projects, the most recent project completed was titled “Human Breast Cancer MDA-MB-231 Cell Model: Accelerating Effect of Hypoxia on Metastasis and Evaluation of the Role of Voltage Door Sodium Channels” which was supported by TUBITAK.
In addition to the students in our university, BRC also provides summer term opportunities for students from abroad to make research and to further their education.
BRC aims to become one of the world's leading research centers by increasing its capacity to a higher level with its new labs in the Science and Technology Center Building.


Biotechnology Research Center
Director: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nahid Rizaner
Phone: +90 392 671 11 11   Extension: 2427   E-mail: brc@ciu.edu.tr