Vision and Mission

The Center for Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Conservation was established in 2009 in order to present Cyprus’s rich archaeological, natural and multicultural cultural heritage through research, conservation, capacity building and public awareness raising.
The center is committed to serving our community as stewardship of cultural resources ensuring they will be available for future generations, thus our objective is:
     • To protect and conserve the archaeological and cultural heritage of Cyprus.
     • To promote the study of the prehistory and history of Cyprus through its archaeological and cultural heritage.
    • To increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage by facilitating public access to the cultural heritage;
     • To encourage and promote public participation in cultural heritage preservation;
     • To foster a sense of belonging and identity, through cultural heritage, that represents the unique multicultural society;
     • To enhance co-operation with local and overseas institutions to promote cultural heritage preservation, education and training;
     • To promote tourism through innovative cultural heritage projects, restoration and conservation as well as museum and site presentation works.

Multidisciplinary internationally trained staff

The center,has collaboration agreements with many national and international professionals such as archaeologists, conservators, architects, cultural heritage specialists, art historians and geologists forming a multidisciplinary team.

Cypriot driven, the center's international collaborative team aims to provide services such as education and cultural heritage to prevent the destruction and abuse of archaeological materials.

Research Center and Accommodation House

The Center has a field station located in Tatlısu/Akanthou village providing accommodation space and a research laboratory and offices.

The Center is well equipped with necessary equipment, vehicles to carry out various fieldwork, research and conservation projects.

Specialist Services

The Center is involved in multidisciplinary projects carrying out rescue excavations, field survey, underwater heritage documentation, as well as the conservation of movable archaeological objects, stone, wood and building restoration. The center also specializes in experimental archaeology and traditional building (mud brick, masonry and carpentry) and other handcrafts of Cypriot traditions.

The Center is dedicated to and provides advisory services to the cultural heritage conservation concerns and issues. It carries out projects with municipalities and government agencies and private companies that run conservation projects for international organisations in Cyprus.


Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Müge Şevketoğlu
Phone: +90 392 671 11 11   Extension: 2101   E-mail: