The Accounting Department of Cyprus International University is divided into 2 different sections; the Main Accounting Office and the Student Services Accounting Office.
The Accounting Department is managed by the director of the office, who is responsible for overseeing all accounting processes.
The international staff serve students from other countries, while the local staff serve students from North Cyprus and Turkey at the Student Services Accounting Office.
While responding to online application enquiries, the staff also provide daily assistance to the students.

The main duties of the Accounting Office includes:
- Preparing invoices
- Confirmation of freezing and termination processes
- Managing payment plans
- Providing the receipt of payments for ID card, transcript, special letter and etc.
- Confirmation of international payment by telex copies (international bank transfer)

Working Hours

Monday- Friday: 08:30am- 12:30pm and 14:00pm- 16:00 pm


Accounting Directorate
Student Services Building
Tel: (0392) 671 1111 Extension: 2039/ 2046