About the Program

The master’s degree in accounting and finance is aimed to prepare students for careers as accountants, auditors, financial executives, consultants and lecturers. It also provides theoretical, conceptual, technical, and practical knowledge for managing the financial functioning of all organizations: financial or non-financial, private or public, large or small, profit-oriented or non-profit. The core accounting and finance courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the technical elective courses. The thesis can only be taken upon successful completion of the core accounting and finance courses and the technical elective courses. Each semester, students can enroll in a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 courses. Students who lack adequate foundation in basic accounting/finance courses are required to successfully complete the following courses (non-credit) before proceeding with the accounting and finance master’s program;
ACFN 211 Accounting
ACFN 203 Business Finance
ACFN 361 Cost Accounting

Education Opportunities

Our program does not only focus on the theories of accounting and finance but also helps students to deepen their understanding of the inner workings of the accounting and finance sector in the real world. Department staff see the necessity of improving and introducing modern teaching techniques such as term projects and practical application of knowledge and skills that provide opportunities for students to follow the latest developments in the worldwide capital market. During the finance lab classes our students will observe real life data that will help them to know how the mechanisms of global financial markets work; students will also have an experience in analyzing financial data. So, upon the completion of this program, our students will be able to confidently invest in the market and manage their funds successfully.

Career Areas

Upon successful completion of the program, our students will be able to tackle the adversity of the accounting and finance sector such as accountancy, management advice, audit, internal control, financial analysis, insurance and assurance with an excellent grasp in the field. They will also gain skills which will help them to be employed in global or national financial institutions. Students will also have a personal understanding on how the accounting and finance sector actually operates, and this will give them an edge over others in their respective fields. On the other hand, our program also prepares our students to excel academically and pursue an academic career by completing our Ph.D. program.


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