Recent activities of SSPRC

• Current Developments in World Politics
• Non-mainstream Political Myths, Misunderstandings, and Taboos (Myths, Misconceptions, and Taboos).
• Ontological Dilemmas Between Democracy and the Mainstream Concept (Ontological Dilemmas)
• Which strategy should be followed? The Future of Cyprus and the Cyprus Problem
• Reshaping the Middle East: Syria Conflict and its Regional Consequences.

SSPRC is planning to carry out long-term studies on social and political issues.

Different aspects of the Cyprus problem and the production of different approaches and solutions are especially important.

To bring together different approaches and solutions, it is planned to receive contributions and support from relevant countries: the TRNC which is the direct contact of Cyprus problem, the Greek Cypriot Administration, Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom.

For this purpose, SSPRC aims to focus on meetings such as conferences, panels, brainstorming and to disseminate the views and opinions of the participants.