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Dear Alumni of CIU;

Greetings from the CIU family that has a warm, intimate, friendly atmosphere and where you had unforgettable memories…

We feel the happiness and excitement of reunion with our Alumni who give priority to research and improvement in their own studies can solve the problems in a short time with self confidence, are always sensitive to social problems, and who are all very precious to us.

We experienced the privilege of hosting the Alumni of the CIU by aiming for development and improvement with the energy of the youth, pioneering projects with a modern physical background, without making concessions to superior technological facilities and modern education life.

Some of you have set up your own businesses, some of you have been working with companies that carry out important projects in Turkey and the world, and some of you have been working in state institutions. We would like to congratulate you for your support that you give to all parts of the community and economy of your country as a graduate of CIU.

While CIU is your reference for the future, your success means pride and honour for CIU. Our biggest wish is to keep on sharing our success mutually.

Thank you very much for attending our university, working together to develop our university with your precious studies, and contributing greatly to it. We would like to invite you to share , knowledge and implements with other Alumni’ or candidates’ who are close to graduation.

We wish to meet in successful and happy days again.

Last updated: 22-01-2018