Performance analysis of solar collectors using Nano-liquid
Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, Erdoğan Arıkan

Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, faculty member from the Faculty of Engineering and the Director of Sustainable Energy Research Center of Cyprus International University (CIU) conducted a research with Erdoğan Arıkan, a doctoral student from Energy Systems Engineering on the effects of different nanoparticle-containing liquids (Al2O3 and ZnO) on efficiency in local collectors produced from different materials (Copper and Galvanized). The research was part of his study on ‘Performance Analysis of Solar Collectors Using Nano-Liquid’.

The island of Cyprus is the leader of Europe considering the residential use of thermal solar water heating systems. Similarly, it has the highest solar radiation values in Europe in terms of geography and meteorology . However, it was stated that these systems cannot provide the necessary benefits because of the low efficiency of local solar collectors.

Therefore, two systems were installed on the CIU campus and data analysis was carried out for approximately six months. He said: “the water used in our island's heating systems is accepted as a reference. We conducted the project to compare two different nanoparticle-containing liquids with water-operated systems to find more efficient alternatives”. 

In two different systems, heating systems with nanoparticle fluids containing variable proportions of Al2O3 and ZnO were operated and efficiency calculation was made according to ASHRAE 93: 2003 standard. In addition, under the influence of ethyl glycol, the efficiency of these nanoparticles was examined. According to the results, the influence of ethyl glycol Al2O3 has reached to the highest yield and the increase in this yield increased by 15.3% compared to water. 

Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu indicated that the results of the study were published in an indexed journal. Thus, Erdoğan Arıkan, the doctoral student, who carried out the study cooperatively, earned the title of Doctor and many international publications have been done by experts by the Sustainable Energy Research Center since 2011.

He also pointed out that by implementing many of these studies, they, within Cyprus International University, created living examples for all solar experts and interested people. 

Created On: December 10, 2019