About the Program

Turkish is considered as one of the world's oldest and richest languages both in Turkey and also in a wide geographical region from Asia to Europe. There is a great need for teaching Turkish which has such a wide range of usage. The main purpose of the Turkish Education Master's Program, which was started at our university, giving importance to science and knowledge aims to train scientists who have a scientific point of view in the field of Turkish Education, contribute to science and education for our country, produce knowledge for the welfare and happiness of humanity, synthesize our national culture with the knowledge of the outside world and bring modern approaches to Turkish Teaching. Our program includes Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language and Teaching Turkish as a Mother Language.

Education Opportunities

In our graduate program supported by the contributions of our teaching staff members of Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, and efficient teaching based on research is carried out with our students by using all kinds of educational technologies. There are smart boards in all our classes. Through smart boards, faculty members can show their students videos and films about the subjects they have covered in courses. Also, our students make presentations using smart boards and in this way share their projects with their classmates. Our classes are equipped to allow teamwork. In addition to theoretical courses, students studying in the Turkish Education Master's Program are allowed to conduct scientific research, participate in conferences, and publish their work in scientific journals. Our students can easily access some important scientific resources and databases provided by our university’s library.

Career Areas

The graduates of the Turkish Education Master’s Program can continue the doctorate programs if they meet the prerequisites so that they have reached the first step of becoming academics in these fields of universities. They also continue to pursue their educational role as experts and gain more knowledge and skills. Our graduates will be able to work in public and private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education at the second grade of primary education (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades), private teaching institutions, and study centers. Apart from these, graduates have a wide range of job opportunities such as to work in media organizations, educational and cultural institutions in Turkey and abroad, archives and museums, world Turcology centers, private and official institutions related to the Turkish Republic, and work as an academic in the relevant departments of universities. Besides, there are options to become a lecturer or academic at universities.


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