1. Accommodation code of practice is determined and applied by CIU rules and regulations. Points which are not determined in these regulations, still remain valid in accordance with university rules.

2. Students can only stay in the rooms when they’re registered. They cannot stay in another room or apartment. Students cannot give their room keys or student cards to other students, even temporarily.

3. The entrance-exit and permission regulations are announced at the beginning of the academic term. Male students, even if they’re CIU students, are not allowed to enter female student’s dormitories. In some circumstances such as earthquake, fire, water leakage, electric contact, calling for help and fight, entrance-exit regulations are exempted.

4. Students may only have one visitor in their room, after permission is given from the room owner.

5. At most two CIU students can visit a room with the permission of the Residence Hall Supervisor as part of the third and fourth rules in exam week.

6. Students, who stay in dormitories, are allowed to enter to the dormitories in the weekdays (except Friday) till 24.00, and Friday and Saturday till 02.00.

7. Even if the reason of visiting is as part of the third and fourth rules and the director of dormitories does not assert the contrary, students, who stay in the other dormitories of CIU, are not allowed to visit another dormitory in the weekdays, Sunday between 20.00-08.00, and Friday and Saturday between 00.00-08.00.

8. Entry and exit to residence halls and apartments is done with the keys and encoded cards from the main doors. It’s forbidden to enter or exit from the windows, fire exits or balconies.

9. In studio-type dormitories, it’s strictly forbidden to cook, use an electric heater, electric stove or gas cooker. Water kettles may be used to heat water, with the permission of the Residence Halls Directorate.

10. The common corridor, room and apartment must be neat and tidy.

11. Students, who stay in the dormitories and apartments, are responsible for cleaning living spaces and common WCs and bathrooms. Foods that may spoil and smell must be kept inside the fridge. If not, students will be fined.

12. Furniture that is allocated to students, belongs to the student’s room. Moving it to another room is forbidden.

13. It’s not appropriate to move the furniture and hang laundry on the balconies.

14. Hanging a flag, a pennant or a banner on the balcony or window is forbidden.

15. Students cannot use the mattress without a bed sheet and mattress cover. Mattresses cannot be used on the floor.

16. Students may not disturb others in their rooms. In common places and rooms, students cannot make noises with any device or have any annoying attitude.

17. It is strictly forbidden to keep any kind of animal inside the room or apartment. If found, the animal will be removed and the cost of disinfestation will be charged to the student.

18. Stealing is a crime. Students caught stealing will be punished according to the rules of CIU and TNRC laws.

19. Keeping any kind of sharp, driller, impulsive and fervent objects in dormitories and rooms is strictly forbidden and is a crime.

20. Gambling and/or playing or making someone to play games which result in profiting are strictly forbidden.

21. Students are responsible for any damages in the dormitories and common areas.

22. Smoking, drinking and storing alcoholic beverages in dorms is strictly forbidden. Students who disobey will be punished according to the rules and regulations of CIU.

23. Keeping and using drugs is a crime in TNRC. Students who are involved in such crimes will be punished according to the rules and regulations of CIU and TNRC legislation.

24. Registered students in dormitories are required to fill and submit a warrant for temporarily days that he/she will not stay in the dormitories.

25. Dormitory Administration and Cyprus International University (CIU) do not accept any legal responsibility for students who have left the dormitories without informing and filling a warrant.

26. Employees (paid workers) in the Residence Halls provide a service to all students with regards to disciplinary and security matters. Students are expected to show respect and cooperate with employees.

27. No one can enter dormitory rooms except the Superintendents (Superiors of Building and other Dormitory Staff) in working hour or in time off. Superintendents can go into the rooms while students are not inside if it is deemed appropriate for the Dormitory Administration.

28. Superintendents can inform Security Staff and/or Police in case of any forensic matter that has happened in a dormitory and dormitory areas.

29. Dormitory Administration is entitled to make room changes if necessary.

30. Breakdowns in dormitories should be reported to Superintendents by the students.

31. Announcements and warnings about dormitories posted on dormitory boards or electronically (e-mail, web site, etc.) Students should stay informed about these announcements and warnings.

32. The dormitory students who involve in shameful crimes, drugs and criminal crimes in any way, will be removed from dormitories. Also these students will be punished according to the rules and regulations of CIU and TRNC legislation.

33. Students who keep someone in his/her room illegally, or students who allow this, will be punished according to CIU rules and regulations, and have to pay a boarding fee who however long the guest stayed.

34. Disciplinary action will be taken if students break any of the rules stated above.