What steps should be followed to open a new club?

Principally, you should investigate existing clubs within the Coordination of Social Activities and make sure that the club you want to open does not match with another club’s field of interest. The procedure and the necessary documents to open a new club are provided below. Applications to open a new club are made by petition to the Coordination of Social Activities during the months of September-October and January-February.
The documents below should be provided in addition to the petition;
• Club name, short name (if any), address, logo (if any), reason of club opening and club regulations,
• The declaration of a full-time faculty member who agrees to be an Academic Advisor of the club,
• The club founder member list (name, surname, faculty / institute / college / vocational school / department / program and contact information of these students), and a minimum of 10 students who are enrolled in the undergraduate program and have not received any disciplinary penalties are required.

How to Become a Club Member?

You have the chance to become a member of any club during the Club Festivals held for one week at the beginning of each academic year. If you did not become a member during the specified period, you can become a member by applying to the Student Clubs Coordinator and Club Advisors.

1) 1907 Unifeb

The 1907 Unifeb Club aims to bring students who are committed to Fenerbahçe or committed to sports, together under one roof in order to carry out its activities to encourage contribution to the fans and socialization with sports activities.
Advisor:Tarkan Kayas
Advisor’s E-mail: tkayas@ciu.edu.tr

2) Search & Rescue (AKUT) and Outdoor Sports Club

AKUT and the Outdoor Sports Club offers Cyprus International University (CIU) students the opportunity to relax in different fields; to discover their talents; to do regular sports in their favorite outdoor sports branches in nature; to know their limits and professionalize in all available fields. Nature walks, camping, advanced rock climbing training, practice camps and mountain bike tours are among the activities of the club.
Advisor: Hasan Özenkaya
Advisor’s E-mail: ozenkaya@ciu.edu.tr

3) Kemalist Thoughts Club

The primary purpose of the CIU Kemalist Thoughts Club is to work for democratic life, a secular state order, a fully independent Turkey in terms of economy and political aspects by following Atatürk's principles and reforms in the Turkey formed by Atatürk. With these thoughts in mind, it aims to be the voice of Kemalism, independence, secularism, and democracy at CIU, and create opportunities for students, who share the same thoughts, to come together under one roof, organize and participate in activities.

4) The Computer Science Club

The objectives of the Computer Science Club are:
•Extending the use of computers and the Internet,
•Bringing together computer users and equip users with information,
•Organizing conferences, seminars, panels and similar meetings where the expertise of computer professionals is introduced;
• Developing computer software and hardware;
• Organizing computer software and game tournaments.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Kamil Yurtkan
Advisor’s E-mail: kyurtkan@ciu.edu.tr

5) Riding Club

The Riding Club aims to provide students of all levels with opportunities to learn horse riding; to introduce more people to the world of horses; and to engage with horses by instilling the love for horses and equestrian sports; thus, increasing the self-confidence of individuals.
Advisor: Lecturer Vali Gjinali
Advisor’s E-mail: vgjinali@ciu.edu.tr

6) Bio-engineering Club

The Bio-engineering Club aims to carry out studies to support the social, cultural, and academic development of the students from the Department of Bioengineering and to raise responsible individuals with self-confidence, by increasing the quality of university life of the students via the means of various activities.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nahit Rızaner
Advisor’s E-mail:nrizaner@ciu.edu.tr

7) Environmental Engineering Club

The Environmental Engineering Club aims to provide environmental engineering students practical and technical support and establish a professional basis during their undergraduate education. It also aims to provide solidarity and social integrity among students. In this context, students contribute to both their professions and their social lives by organizing technical trips and preparing seminars on different topics.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Şifa Doğan
Advisor’s E-mail: sdogan@ciu.edu.tr

8) Diving Club

The Diving Club, aims to unite all the students interested in nature, sea, and underwater life under its roof; and continues its activities by organizing diving training and trips, that offer its members the opportunity to explore the underwater world.
Advisor:  Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sami Boşnak
Advisor’s e-mail: abosnak@ciu.edu.tr

9) Dance Club

The Dance Club is united around dance activities that aims to increase the interest of our university students in different types of dance, and in this way, to raise individuals with a more social, conscious, and artistic hobby.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Georgiana Karadaş
Advisor’s E-mail: gkaradas@ciu.edu.tr

10) Electrics-Electronics Engineering Club

This club aims to educate future electrics-electronics engineers by equipping them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge needed in Turkey, Cyprus, and other countries; to bring solutions to the problems of public and private organizations; and to conduct research for the development and the implementation of the industry with new technologies and engineering sciences.
Students who conduct research in these fields, are those who have acquired the science and mathematical knowledge and skills required for professional careers, such as problem-solving and application; who have established scientific foundations and gained design experience; have a tendency to practice; and have interdisciplinary and individual work skills.
The Electrics-Electronics Engineering Club accommodates students who can perform experimental studies individually, interpret and report their results, and specialize in basic engineering concepts, circuits and systems, communication systems, and automation systems in the laboratory.
Advisor: Dr. Payam Zarbakhsh
Advisor’s E-mail: pzarbakhsh@ciu.edu.tr

11) Electronic Sports Club

In addition to the academic programs, the club goals include:
•To encourage the electronic environment of computer programs and games that have become a professional world in itself, via the means of extracurricular activities; and to transfer the knowledge and skills gained in various specialist disciplines in teamwork and unity spirit;
•To contribute to the academic and professional initiatives of CIU students’ by taking part in international competitions in our country and in the world; •To contribute to the future of the electronic environment in society and social activities, and increasing it in the school environment;
•To contribute to the formation of electronic sports awareness.

12) Industrial Engineering (Sigma) Club

Industrial engineering is an engineering branch that provides the design, development, and effective use of human, material, machinery, energy, money, technology, and information resources as a system to increase the efficiency and quality of the organizations in the production and service sector. The main purpose of industrial engineering is to increase productivity via using various scientific methods at every stage of the development and operation of these systems. Industrial Engineering Club is concerned with the process starting from the design, development and improvement to the operation of systems consisting of scarce resources such as people, time, money, raw materials, equipment, and energy. Industrial Engineering Club aims to help students to:
• gain vision through panels, project competitions, symposia, training seminars and technical visits;
• become aware of the professional and academic developments in Cyprus, Turkey and the world;
• strengthen friendship and communication among themselves via social, cultural, artistic and sports activities;
• gain the ability to propose solutions to industrial problems with a group perspective and approach;
• obtain information about engineering and introduce their professional lives before graduation.
Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif Binboğa Yel
Advisor’s E-mail: eyel@ciu.edu.tr

13) Energy Systems Engineering Club

The mission of the club is to gather students who are interested in energy within the university studying in the Department of Energy Systems Engineering and help them socialize effectively with students from other departments. Another aim of the club is to organize seminars, panels, and excursions on issues related to efficient production and transmission of conventional energy sources, utilization of sustainable and environmentally-friendly, renewable energy sources and efficient use of energy.
Our vision is to create platforms where students can work on energy issues in order to follow current technologies and generate ideas on new technologies. Club has a vision to help students gain a leadership spirit that will contribute to the solution of problems and determination of energy policies and strategies for sustainable development.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy
Advisor’s E-mail: nersoy@ciu.edu.tr

14) Gastronomy Club

The club aims to organize food culture and cooking activities, in order to improve the social and cultural activities of the university students, by ensuring that club members use the facilities provided by the university, to complement the academic knowledge they receive from the courses.
Advisor: Assoc. Dr. Orhan Uludağ
Advisor’s E-mail: ouludag@ciu.edu.tr

15) Young Entrepreneurs Club

The Young Entrepreneurs Club, parallel with the university's vision of being a world university aiming to create and develop; aims to inform all students by organizing meetings in which people with vision will be guests and help them closely follow the developments in economic, social and cultural fields.

16) Youth Theme Club

The club aims to raise environmental awareness among the students of CIU ; to make them sensitive to environmental issues; and to strengthen the interpersonal solidarity both during and after school by integrating students with nature.
Advisor: Lecturer Mete Mutlu Balkıs
Advisor’s E-mail: mmbalkis@ciu.edu.tr

17) Graphic Design Club

The club organizes exhibition and events such as seminars in order to represent CIU in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey. Rather than formal activities, the importance of the club activities is more to consolidate student unity and strengthen teamwork. Since the aim of this club is integrity, the club work is also a preparation for daily life activities.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Gürkan Gökaşan
Advisor’s E-mail: ggokasan@ciu.edu.tr

18) Animal lovers Club

The club, established to protect the animals on the campus and provide the vital needs of these animals, also aims to raise awareness among the students regarding homeless animals and help them become sensitive individuals towards animal needs. In this context, the club carries out various meetings and projects to feed the animals and offer them a better life.

19) Law Club

CIU Faculty of Law students carry out the The Law Club activities. The club organizes law seminars, trips, and establishes contact with other law clubs to organize activities under the name of the Law Clubs Association, in an effort to strengthen communication among the students of the Faculty of Law.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Şölen Külahçı
Advisor’s E-mail: skulahci@ciu.edu.tr

20) Civil Engineering Club

The establishment objectives of the CIU Civil Engineering Club are as follows:
- To carry out activities that complement the academic program, in line with the wishes and needs of the students and academics of the Department of Civil Engineering; to organize activities and to ensure the participation of students in these activities;
-To organize conferences, seminars, interviews, panels, and technical visits during the education of the members in the field of civil engineering;
- To ensure that civil engineering students evaluate their time outside the classroom with useful activities;
- To strengthen solidarity by enabling civil engineering students to cooperate with each other and with other departments and social activity clubs;
- To represent our university in the best way possible inside and outside the university.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Amin Riazi
Advisor’s E-mail: ariazi@ciu.edu.tr

21) Business Club

Upon the building block issues of our department, such as management, administration, and solving problems, the Business club provides the opportunity to take the first step in the semi-professional sense, to the members of the management board. It follows a path that keeps up with the agenda and acts with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in relation to the projects developed within the club management. It also aims to continue its activities within the framework of the philosophy of “Always getting better,” in line with the club’s mission determined as “serving its students”. In addition to always being innovative in its activities, the CIU Business Club is on its way to becoming a cornerstone in providing opportunities for senior executives and entrepreneurs of the future to reveal their skills, contribute to their personal development and provide them with opportunities to practice and gain experience.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehrshad Radmehr Hashemipour
Advisor’s E-mail: mradmehr@ciu.edu.tr

22) The Red Crescent Club

The aim of the Red Crescent Club is to mobilize the power and resources of the society with the activities that the students of CIU can organize outside the classroom and to support the development of the capacity to fight for the protection of human health.

23) Library Club

In line with the basic principles of participation, planning, continuity, productivity, volunteering and collaboration, the objectives of the CIU Library Club include improving the views, intuition and invention horizons of both its members and all students of the university. The additional objectives are as follows:
• To show students the benefits of the division of labor at school and at work; and help them improve in this area;
• To gain the habit of reading books in accordance with the society and school rules;
• To teach ways to use libraries and books;
• To enable students to carry out research studies;
• To organize competitions on poetry, composition, etc. at the request of the club management and the advisor.
Advisor: Özlem Araz
Advisor’s E-mail: oaraz@ciu.edu.tr

24) Architecture and Interior Architecture Club

This club organizes seminars and brainstorming meetings that will increase the social and cultural activities of the students from the Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture and encourages their vision by promoting participation in competitions held internationally and locally in Cyprus.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk
Advisor’s E-mail: aozturk@ciu.edu.tr

25) Music Club

Music Club is one of the oldest clubs in the university. It has a total of five music bands which are of the Turkish Pop and Rock, and English Rock/Blues genres, consisting of an average of four people under the body of the Music Club, which aims to bring together students who are engaged in music, amateur or professionally, and wish to continue their musical pursuits.
Music lovers, who join us at the beginning of each academic year, can join existing groups or form new ones.
Advisor: Dr. Gültekin Çizgen
Advisor’s E-mail: gcizgen@ciu.edu.tr

26) Pre-school Club

Pre-school Club supports Pre-school Teaching Education students to become qualified pre-school teachers by organizing training, seminars and activities related to pre-school teaching.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sarem Özdemir
Advisor’s E-mail: sozdemir@ciu.edu.tr

27) Special Education Club

The Special Education Club organizes conferences and seminars to raise awareness of the students from the Department of Special Education. It organizes visits to individuals in need of special education and conducts social activities in this field.
Advisor: Lecturer Vasfiye Karabıyık
Advisor’s E-mail: vkarabiyik@ciu.edu.tr

28) Psychology Club

The Psychology Club deals with mental processes and human behavior, as the main focal points of the science of psychology, within the framework of social sciences, and aims to increase awareness on social issues. The aim of the Psychology Club is to help the members on the current science of psychology subjects individually, as well as contributing to the development of the students of the department socially, by encouraging the raising of awareness on various social problems and take part in social projects.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nihan Tezer Yörük
Advisor’s E-mail: nyoruk@ciu.edu.tr

29) Guidance and Psychological Counseling Club

The Guidance and Psychological Counseling Club aims to increase the knowledge of the target audience on the issues related to the improvement of the GPC field; enable students to participate in the activities related to the field; and strengthen interpersonal communication among people.
In addition to these, making scientific, cultural, social, and artistic studies are aimed at informing GPC students and everyone interested in this field. 
It is also aimed to follow the developments in the world agenda and to bring together successful academics from the field with our students.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Şerife Özbiler
Advisor’s E-mail: sozbiler@ciu.edu.tr

30) Advertising and Public Relations Club

It is the priority of Advertising and Public Relations students to see their primary goal as gaining the knowledge and skills required by the profession they aim to pursue.
This field is at the intersection of fields such as communication sciences, management sciences, economics, and business. 
While they are gaining skills to find a place in the competitive environment of the sector and reinforcing their creativity with club activities, the students are especially encouraged to work on practices such as copywriting, advertising campaign organization, and public relations campaigns organization.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Bahar Taşeli
Advisor’s E-mail: btaseli@ciu.edu.tr

31) Hair Care and Makeup Club

Hair Care and Makeup Club is established to gather students who are interested in hair and makeup under one body. It organizes educational and scientific meetings and other events related to hair and makeup, as well as raising hair and makeup awareness across cosmetologists and the society.
Advisor: Lecturer Vali Gjinali
Advisor’s E-mail: vgjinali@ciu.edu.tr

32) Health Club

In addition to educational and practical activities, the Health Club conducts studies aimed at the development of students who are interested in the health sector who are open to the development, with qualities such as good communication, and willing to follow and use scientific technology.
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Salih Angın
Advisor’s E-mail: sangin@ciu.edu.tr

33) Theater Club

One of the oldest clubs in the university; The Theatre Club is expanding the circle in this field by regularly displaying domestic and foreign plays to help university students enjoy theater and to attract interest in performing arts. Club members try to contribute to the social and cultural development of students in general.
Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk
Advisor’s E-mail: aozturk@ciu.edu.tr

34) Trabzonspor Club

Trabzonspor Club aims to gather its fans under the body of the club.

35) Tourism Club

Is a club for the students of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, which was established with the aim of advancing their qualifications, such as organizing tours. In addition to the activities related to gaining general business establishment, there are also training programs that include the general working philosophy of the tourism and hospitality industry, which requires both knowledge and expertise. The club provides students with opportunities to increase their practical experience.
Advisor: Assoc. Dr. Orhan Uludağ
Advisor’s E-mail: ouludag@ciu.edu.tr

36) Turkish Language and Literature Club

The Turkish Language and Literature Club aims to create a cultural platform for literary students who want to hold literary conversations by sharing the books they read, and to invite the authors of the books to the university.
Advisor: Dr. Gülden Sarı Kanlıay
Advisor’s E-mail:  gsari@ciu.edu.tr

37) Turkish Club

Turkish Club's main purpose is to spread Turkish, one of the milestones of our culture, as a mother tongue and foreign language in particular to the university, including Cyprus, Turkey, and other countries. The club members evaluate cultural resources published as scientific, artistic, and comparative language research; do comparative language studies; represent CIU on language days; ensure the sensitivity of our society in Turkish; and create campaigns that encourage the use of Turkish words instead of foreign words.
Advisor:  Lecturer Esra Karakaş Kurt
Advisor’s E-mail:  ekarakas@ciu.edu.tr

38) CIU Network Club

The club aims to help individuals prepare for the business world and their profession by ensuring that individuals are research-oriented, dynamic, and ready to compete in line with the university's vision of training and equipping students.

39) UltrAslan Uni CIU Club

Aiming to bring together the fans of the team and all sports fans of UltrAslan Uni CIU Club, Galatasaray fans aim to contribute to the morality of the fans in Cyprus by instilling the awareness of sports.

40) International Relations Club

International Relations Club of CIU aims to provide students with an idea about their departments in a changing, developing, and globalizing world.
In addition to knowing, seeing, and practicing the areas covered by the Department of International Relations within the world’s historical and political processes, it tries to ensure that students exchange ideas, share their thoughts, and become partners in the process of producing through constructive discussions.
Advisor:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sertaç Sonan
Advisor’s E-mail:  ssonan@ciu.edu.tr

41) CIU BJK Club

The Beşiktaş Club provides its members with the opportunity to socialize with the activities it aims to bring the fans together with.

Coordinator: Selen Akün Kalaycı
Tel: (0392) 671 11 11 Extension: 2059
E-mail: ciuclubs@ciu.edu.tr