Instructor: CIU Academic Staff
Place: CIU
Duration: 20 Hours

Aim and Content
SPSS Statistics is a software package used for advanced statistical analysis of logically batch and non-blended quantitative data. In addition to statistical analysis in the base part of the SPSS program, the execution of "data management (state selection, re-file shaping, derived data creation)" and "data documentation" (storage of a "meta-data" dictionary in a data file) are also within the capabilities of the SPSS.
The purpose of this training program is to give practical training of SPSS program for those who are working in the research sector, those who want to develop questionnaires and analyze data, and and those who write statistical reports in their companies, work on a masters or doctorate thesis based on quantitative academic studies.

Those who succesfully complete the training program will be entitled to a "Participation Certificate". Participants who are successful in the "Assessment Exam" at the end of the training program will be entitled to receive the "Certificate of Achievement". Participants are obliged to attend at least 70% throughout the program duration. It is also expected that the participant will be active in the classes.