Dear Students,
Founded in 1997, Cyprus International University (CIU) is a leading institution of higher education in Cyprus, recognized for the high quality of education it provides, with its state-of-the-art technical and physical infrastructure and advanced research facilities.
Our educational philosophy is to train our students by equipping them with the necessary qualifications and skills to not only compete, but excel. To achieve this, our goal is to ensure that our graduates are research oriented, dynamic and ready to compete in the world of business and their chosen profession. Equipped with a modern campus, more than 18,000 students from 110 countries enjoy developed infrastructure, benefit from academic staff and educational facilities on par with international norms, along with progression agreements established in cooperation with prestigious British universities.
Students are provided with opportunities for enjoying varied sports, social and cultural activities in an atmosphere of perfect communication between students and academicians, programs with international accreditation and equivalency, and a diploma accepted the world over.
CIU will assist you in evolving into a competitive and creative entrepreneur. Obtaining a double major or a major/minor degree in various disciplines is a great opportunity our students are provided with here at CIU. Indeed, CIU is the one and only university in North Cyprus that offers students the option to conclude their master degree programs in a shorter period of time through the “Accelerated Degree Programs 4+1”, whereby students will be able to obtain undergraduate and graduate degree diplomas concurrently.
With a vision that foresees the future, and moves forward with firm steps with enthusiasm, vigor and vitality essential in becoming one of the most outstanding universities of the 21st century, CIU generates knowledge together with the students, faculty and administrative staff, and at the same time continues to introduce innovations in social, cultural and scientific areas.
Thus, I welcome your decision in considering Cyprus International University for pursuing your future goals in life. You should remember that your choice of university, and the program itself, will have a great impact on your social and professional life. As a result, it’s important to make a wise and well informed decision. We are one big family, and we want you to be a member of this amazing family.
So come and join us!
Warm Regards,

Prof. Dr. Halil NADİRİ