About the Program

Pre-school Education master program is especially designed to meet skilled and certified preschool teachers demand at educational institutions. Program provides students with hands-on training in pedagogy and methodologies as well as in-depth study of the child development in social-emotional, language development, cognitive development psychomotor skills, and other needs of children up to 6 years old. Main aim is to guide students to be competent professionals that will contribute society’s needs in child development. Within this program, students complete 7 courses, one seminar and a thesis. For the students who hold a relatively different degree and want to qualify a master’s degree in preschool education may have foundation courses. Courses mainly focus on early childhood growth and development, development theories, instructional methods, statistics, research methods and comparative education.

Education Opportunities

In this program a multidisciplinary approach is embraced. All theoretical courses include scientific research projects with the guidance of an academician. Library of Cyprus International University offers a wide range of journals, online databases and books for students to make research studies in depth. Number of students in classes are a few to let students and teachers interact closer and make discussions in-depth. Above and beyond all courses are designed to structure professional experiences, incorporating observation under the guidance of experienced, qualified professionals. Each course has its own research projects to be presented in the classroom. Besides each student is encouraged to join workshops on early childhood education, congresses and/or symposiums

Career Areas

Upon completion of the master’s degree, the individual is deemed to have the qualification to work as a teacher; teaching children from ages zero through six. Preschool education has a curriculum that not only focuses on the development of children between 0 – 6 years and applications but also integrates theories and curricular knowledge. Graduates of preschool education with a master’s degree are considered skilled enough to teach in diverse educational and cultural settings, in both public and private schools and in other settings related with preschool education. Moreover, graduates can have a career as an instructional coordinator or curriculum, guide at National Ministry of education. Besides graduates are also considered as the best candidate for PhD degree in early childhood education.


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