About the Program

Ph.D. in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation program aims to educate scientists who will be able to analyze social problems in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to create physiotherapy plans and policies for possible solutions. Graduates will be able to make original contributions to the field of public health; provide continuation of health of individuals by determining the needs and evaluating musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiopulmonary system problems; and will be able to meet these needs by using the necessary physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods; make clinical decisions about all physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods and practices to increase the quality of life by keeping the functionality of individuals at maximum level and transferring these competencies. Also, they will be able to follow the developments in the academic field, access the most accurate and up-to-date information, synthesize this information with their professional knowledge and experience by evaluating it correctly, be able to combine the patient's wishes, needs, beliefs, and social realities.

Education Opportunities

Although the Ph.D. program is a general physiotherapy and rehabilitation program, under the body of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, offering courses such as Tissue Architecture-based Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Motor Control of Movement and Sensorimotor Integration, Microgravity and Movement, Physiotherapy in Women's and Men's Health, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Health Tourism distinguishes the program from other general physiotherapy and rehabilitation doctorate programs.
Scientific research and projects regarding physics, chemistry, anatomy, electrotherapy and treatment movements, and physiotherapy are carried out in the laboratory environment.
In this regard, the students of the program will be able to adapt the technological developments directly into their field and will have the opportunity to contribute to the innovations.

Career Areas

Completing the program, our graduates with a Ph.D. in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, will be able to take advantage of the high-level information from their education during their professional lives in organizations such as at public and private sector inpatient treatment institutions, rehabilitation centers, outpatient diagnostic and treatment centers, centers that provide training and consulting services, home-care services, care and rehabilitation centers for elderly and children with disabilities, sports centers, and non-governmental organizations carrying out health projects. They can also pursue an academic career as academic staff at universities.


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