About the Program

The Physical Education and Sports Teaching Program educates teachers who have pedagogical formation and can carry out Physical Education and Sports classes in schools. The program aims to educate sports trainers with the ability to contribute to cognitive, emotional and psychomotor traits by teaching various sports skills, sports branches through sports-specific teaching methods to individuals with different characteristics from any age group. Our graduates can work as instructors in various sports centers, aerobics centers and fitness centers as a physical education and sports teacher as well as in schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education. Graduates also obtain a Level 1 sports trainer certificate in a sports branch they have undertaken during the undergraduate education.

Educational Opportunities

Physical Education and Sports Teaching Program graduates can register for postgraduate and doctoral programs, if they fulfill the requirements. Also, they must be successful in the KPSS examination in order to become a teacher in the public schools of Turkey. This condition is not required for teachers in private institutions. Graduates can also serve as physical education and sports teachers in pre-schools. They will have a 1st -level sports trainer license in a sports branch they have specialized in during their undergraduate education. Graduates are able to take sports trainer credits and improve their grades by benefiting from the fitness and other sports branch courses they have previously taken. Graduates who expect to be appointed as teachers can be employed in different areas of the sports sector.

Career Areas

During their undergraduate education, students may earn a certificate if they participate in the certificate programs held for the development of the students at the School of Physical Education and Sports. Graduates can be sports managers in different sectors in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or Turkey, such as private sector institutions, hotels, motels and similar facilities, and as managers at different positions in the practices of private sports halls, organizations, and businesses. Furthermore, employment can be found in activities related to social development of health, as administrators of the relevant staff of local government offices, in the organization of sporting activities, and as a practicing professional sports manager. Graduates may also be employed as physical education and sports teachers in private institutions where disabled people are trained. BA graduates can upgrade their sports trainer credentials they receive and be exempted from certain courses.


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