Payment Options
You can pay your fees by various methods, both online and offline. These include an online payment option, telegraphic transfer and money transactions from your local bank.

Pay Your Fees Online
You can pay by using our online payment option to pay by credit or debit card.
If you are a current student and would like to pay online, please log in to your Student Information System. (Select ‘Student’ and continue with ‘Accounting’).
If you are a new student and have received your CAL (Conditional Acceptance Letter) and UAL (Unconditional Acceptance Letter), you can pay your initial deposit payment which is stated on your CAL through  payment link.
For more information please contact the International Office.

Pay Your Fees with Money Transactions (Bank Account details as follows)
Students may pay their tuition to Nova Bank Branches, Garanti Bank (Branches to Institution Payment/ATM/Online/Garanti Mobile/Virtual POS/ Mobile POS) and Ziraat Bank (Branches/ATM/Mobile/Internet).
Students who wish to pay their tuition to Garanti Bank, should use the institution code 3536 for New Island Education Ltd.
Students will be entitled to a discount if they pay their annual fee in advance.
EFT or bank wire transfers are also accepted. Students should make sure their full name and student ID number are included with EFT and wire transfer.


Euro Account (for Domestic Deposit)
Bank Name: Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş.
Branch Name: KKTC Lefkoşa
Account Name: New Island Education Ltd.
Account Type: Euro
Branch Code: 493
Account No: 9080660
IBAN No: TR16 0006 2000 4930 0009 0806 60

EURO Account (Only from TRNC and on-campus payment)

Bank Name: NovaBank Ltd.
Branch Name: Lefkoşa Merkez
Account No: 10-117-0000159682

Our Student Accounting Office will be able to help students with the installment payments which will be issued on the debt note and should be signed by the parent. Installment payments should be made on the agreed payment dates without delay. In the event that an installment is overdue, a late charge of the related amount will be added to the student’s account.
The Frequently Asked Questions deposit fee, which must be paid in addition to the dormitory accommodation fee, shall be paid into the Euro account.

In person
Upon arrival, students can fulfill their payments in person by cash or card to any of Garanti Bank, Ziraat Bank or Nova Bank branches in North Cyprus.