Ottoman Easy Texts Level I & Level II
Instructor: CIU Academic Staff
Place: CIU

Aim and Content
The main aim of the program is to teach Ottoman language education at the 1st and 2nd degree levels and to enable the participant to be able to write and read in Ottoman language at the aforementioned levels.Ottoman is the unique language that the Turks have developed throughout centuries. Learning the Ottoman Language (Ottoman Turkish), which is our cultural heritage of a thousand years is a great opportunity for us to engage with our history better. It is a great advantage to know the language of the Ottoman especially for those who aim to conduct academic research in the fields of History, Archeology and Turkish Language and Literature.

Those who succesfully complete the training program will be entitled to a "Participation Certificate". Participants who are successful in the "Assessment Exam" at the end of the training program will be entitled to receive the "Certificate of Achievement".
Participants are obliged to attend at least 70% throughout the program duration. It is also expected that the participant will be active in the classes.