About the Program

The main aim of the Ph.D. in Mentally Handicapped Teaching program is to train special education professionals who; follow scientific developments, contribute to the development of the field of special education, can use their professional knowledge and skills in the academic/professional field.
The program educates students as scientists who could contribute to the profession through their field studies by evaluating the skills of children/individuals with special needs in all developmental areas, providing services to family and children/individuals, having the ability to inform the community about the field, supporting all stages of development with individualized programs.
Also, it is aimed to contribute to the education of scientists who will be able to carry out scientific research and projects in the field of special education.

Education Opportunities

In line with the program, within the structure of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, with its fully-equipped academic staff, its curriculum is organized in a way that follows an interdisciplinary approach aimed at educating special education professionals on topics such as applied behavior analysis, individual education programs, special education and inclusion in special education, and teaching social cohesion skills in special education. Also, it provides opportunities to carry out scientific research and projects in the field of special education.

Career Areas

The graduates of the program will be awarded a doctorate degree from the Department of Special Education. The graduates can be employed as research assistants or lecturers in the education faculties of universities and as special education specialists in various special education institutions after successfully completing their doctorate degree.


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3-5 Years