About the Program

In this program; it is possible to prepare and position the patient for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in accordance with the examination and to prepare quality images with medical imaging devices such as digital X-ray, fluoroscopy, computerized tomography, mammography, gamma camera, PET-CT and ultrasonography in order to train qualified radiology technicians with the knowledge and skills to carry out the control and maintenance of the devices and equipment. Because of the advancement of technology and health sector, the program graduates have a bright future and those who succeed in DMS / KMS examination in private health sector can easily be employed in public health institutions. Those who are successful in the DGS exam can also earn the right to continue their 4-year (undergraduate) education.

Educational Opportunities

A both academically and clinically strong staff is offering education in this program. Students who are trained in Medical Imaging Techniques are prepared to use medical imaging devices as well as to prepare them for the level of knowledge they need to be able to work with health staff in a mutual language and to develop their ability to create high-quality images. For this reason, students are able to learn theoretical features of the devices used in the Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology departments and have opportunity to perform a wide range of internships as practical training. The use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in these devices, both for their own safety and ensuring the safety of patients in the field of radiation safety and radiation protection is also a major topic in education. The CIU Library has adequate materials in terms of education, training and research.

Career Areas

Those who have completed the Medical Imaging Techniques Program are awarded the title of 'Health Technician' (Radiology Technician) together with their associate degree diploma. The fields of study are very important and wide in the health sector. They may work in government departments, private hospitals, university hospitals and imaging centers for the preparation and implementation of devices for direct treatment of diseases, such as computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, mammography or ultrasound. Today, the number of hospitals and private imaging centers opened in TRNC and in parallel with the increasing importance of the health sector in the Republic of Turkey is also increasing. This increases the need for trained staff in hospitals and private imaging centers, and offers a serious employment alternative for the program graduates.


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