About the Program

Today, technology is used in all aspects of our lives. With the rapid development of information technologies, as much as the need for software, it has become equally important to build the hardware we need in order to use the technology, to install the systems and networks in which the Internet and other software exist and to ensure their security. For this reason, the need for the staff who can set up these networks and Internet systems has increased.
Internet and Network Technology Program aims to train people to meet the needs of companies on these systems. In this regard, the issues such as designing and implementing the infrastructure of the system and computer networks, analyzing the requirements, using the right technologies, maintaining and repairing the systems, performing network programming, backing up and upgrading the systems are taught in the program.

Educational Opportunities

The program aims to equip its students with solid foundations in the related field and also to develop an advanced level of practical and theoretical research skills.
The Internet and Network Technology Associate Degree Program is based on the fact that technological products can only be obtained by combining creativity and engineering experiences. For this reason, the program is designed to allow students to specialize in the Internet and network systems and details relevant to these areas.

Career Areas

Graduates of the program will receive the title of ‘Internet and Network Technology Technician’. Program graduates can establish their own initiatives or work in the information, software, hardware, communication networks areas or maintenance and repair services of public or private institutions.
They can also continue their academic careers with Computer Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching, Software Engineering undergraduate programs.


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