About the Department

Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Counseling program aims to train specialist guidance and psychological counselors who have knowledge, skills and competences required by the profession. This program educates counselors who; study in accordance with the principles of guidance and psychological counseling, act in a planned and consistent way to use scientific knowledge and communication technologies effectively, respect individual and social values, are aware of the importance of the sociocultural differences. Students learn to work in the educational process within a scientific context and in line with the ethical principles of the field. Throughout the Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Counseling program, students gain the knowledge and skills relevant to; the suitable approaches and methods to the social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive problems of individuals, and carrying out research within a scientific framework.

Education Opportunities

The Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Counseling program, in addition to the compulsory courses, offers a wide range of elective courses to keep students up-to-date with the current state of the profession around the world. The offered courses on group and individual psychological counseling include but are not limited to child abuse, cognitive behavioral therapies for children and adults, family counseling, and advance scientific research techniques.

Theoretical lectures in the program are carried out in the classrooms equipped with technological tools including interactive boards; and practical courses are conducted in the individual and group counseling laboratory which has suitable facilities for supervision studies. Our students have the opportunity to benefit from the CIU Library which has a large number of electronic and printed publications, for their projects, assignments and research.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Counseling can work as psychological counselors in educational institutions, special education institutions, pre-school education institutions, rehabilitation centers, psychological counseling centers of universities, and human resources departments of companies. Students who have completed this program can also open up their own office as a specialist doctor of psychological counseling. Our students, during their Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Counseling, can also conduct scientific research related to the field, have publications and participate in symposiums and conferences within the field. Our graduates may also progress in their career steps be undertaking positions in associations, non-governmental or governmental organizations. In addition these, our graduates also have the opportunity to continue their careers as academics.


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