Instructor: CIU Academic Staff
Place: CIU

Aim and Content
The main aim of the program is to offer a quality German foreign language education to the participants starting from the basic level. The goal of the program is to ensure that participants can write and speak in German. Students will learn to use everyday expressions for their practical needs, and at the same time strengthen their grammar, vocabulary and communication skills in their lessons. There is no entry requirement for the basic level of German course or any level-specifying examination. However, for more advanced levels that is required. This course consists of 20 hours of lecture including lectures on reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Those who succesfully complete the training program will be entitled to a "Participation Certificate". Participants who are successful in the "Assessment Exam" at the end of the training program will be entitled to receive the "Certificate of Achievement". Participants are obliged to attend at least 70% throughout the program duration. It is also expected that the participant will be active in the classes.