Dear Students;
Welcome to the Cyprus International University, Vocational School of Justice.

Our Vocational School of Justice started its life in education during the 2011-2012 Academic Year. The main mission of the Vocational School of Justice is to train the qualified judicial personnel needed in the judicial organization.

We aim to train you as highly qualified personnel, who can implement the principle of fair trial and the rule of law, to work in judicial organizations.

Our Vocational School of Justice is ready to contribute to your education, with its expert and distinguished faculty members.

The graduates of the Vocational School of Justice are not only personnel sought and employed in judicial organizations. Due to their keyboard and computer knowledge and their skills in office management, they are the preferred graduates of medium to large-scale law offices, law departments and of banks and notaries. In this context, it can be said that the graduates of the Vocational School of Justice have the advantage of a wide working area.

In addition, graduates of the Vocational School of Justice may transfer to Law Faculties, as a result of the Vertical Transfer Exam, gaining the right to practice the judiciary, prosecution and law professions, as graduates of law can do.

The education program, which consists of theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure the competence of graduates who will work in both private and public sectors, is given by considering both professional advantages and the possibility of vertical transfer to Law Faculties. For this reason, the staff of the law courses in Cyprus International University Vocational School of Justice, consists of the faculty members and assistants of Cyprus International University Faculty of Law. In the area of profession, experts in the field teach the courses.

In addition, faculty members of the Faculty of Law and research assistants provide full support to our students, in guiding and solving their problems, as well as providing academic consultancy. The campus life provides the opportunity for students and lecturers to spend time together, which is not limited to the working hours, but spreads throughout the day, establishing a great advantage for our students.

The 2000’s necessitate the structuring of societies as "information society". Cyprus International University Vocational School of Justice integrates education with the possibilities of technology and continues the vocational education of students with computer-aided programs.

In addition, conferences and panels attended by experts in many fields such as politics, law and economics, aim to contribute to our students in an effort to increase their professional knowledge and develop their vision

In line with the education strategy of our university and with the awareness of taking full responsibility for you, the young people entrusted to us, Cyprus International University Vocational School of Justice aims to provide contemporary graduates that we will be proud of. I wish you all success.

With Love…

Prof. Dr. Hasan TUNÇ

Director, Vocational School of Justice