Nowadays, learning a foreign language is of great importance in the pursuit of technological advances and in shifting from knowledge consumption to knowledge production. In the foreign language learning process; learning speech sounds and words in the target language, the rules of constructing phrases and sentences out of those words is not enough. In order to be able to use language, it is necessary to develop four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Using these skills for communicative purposes leads to effective language learning. Learning-focused classroom activities should be supported by extra-curricular activities such as; performing theatre plays, publishing newspapers in English and establishing English conversation clubs. Acquiring a foreign language in an authentic environment facilitates its acquisition and using it for a purpose makes language learning functional.

At CIU foreign language education is carried out in line with the pedagogical principles mentioned above. The major aim of the CIU School of Foreign Languages is to enable students to acquire the target language at the level of comprehension and production of written and spoken discourse, and to carry out academic studies. Technological advances are utilized in foreign language teaching and computer laboratories provide computer-based language education in this school. In addition to these, multilingual classroom environments with students from various countries provide the opportunity of learning English in a natural way.

The staff of CIU School of Foreign Languages have been carrying out studies aware of how important it is to provide the appropriate environment and conditions for foreign language education.

Prof. Mehmet A. Yavuz

Director, School of Foreign Languages