Dear Students;

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for enrolling in the Faculty of Law of the Cyprus International University, and starting your legal education in this distinguished institution.

Our faculty aims to provide legal education that aims to train modern, qualified, lawyers that will be successful nationally and internationally. The thinking system and research methods that should be present in modern education, combined with the law in our faculty, will serve to raise the strong lawyers of the future. Thanks to this education you will receive, you will climb to the top of your professional life as individuals equipped with superior judgment and universal understanding of justice.

Do not forget that our aim in education is far from memorized learning; it is to raise young lawyers who are capable of weighing legal problems upon the scales of reason and conscience, who are capable of contemporary interpretation, equipped with a superior understanding of justice, and who do not deviate from the rule of law. It will not be possible to achieve the aforementioned goals without the work you will carry out with this belief and determination, during your four-year education period. Your basic principle should be to be lawyers, full of love for their country, society and humanity, and full of love for the service.

Our faculty is one of the most ambitious law faculties in the field, so you must be sure you will make all the necessary efforts to join the best lawyers within the army of justice. Please know that our faculty is not only the best in the field of education and training, but also consists of academicians who are idealistic and have a view that prioritizes their students. Being an institution with talented staff that can provide education at every level of academic education (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate), is another superior aspect we maintain.

It is our greatest desire and would be our greatest pleasure, to share with you our dear students, the scientific wealth of our faculty, who aspire to receive them.

With Love...

Prof. Dr. Hasan TUNÇ

Dean of Faculty of Law