“Initially there was communication...”

It is not a coincidence that a communication scientist named his book as the following. Life begins and thrives with communication. Communication, which is an improvisational process existing in human nature, has taken into grasp all sectors of life from personal and professional relationships to trade relations through the means of technological development and progress, achieving a directive and shaping level. In its current form, “communication”, apart from being a usual human activity, has transformed and elevated into a social and economic relevance. In order for our students to grasp a complete understanding and to learn the means of exploitation of this “power”, we, as an academic institution, view this as our priority objective and use everything in our power to attain the highest imaginable achievement both in the short and long run. With the recognition of our goal, we do not only aim to be among the best in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but also focus to have global success.

Prof.Dr. Hikmet SEÇİM

Dean, Faculty of Communication