Dear Students,

University students should keep up with the consistently changing and improving global environment and improve themselves in their areas of interest. In this regard, it is our primary aim is to carry our students in the business administration, international relations and accounting and finance departments to a point where they will be able to adapt themselves to globalization trends, to find employment in their own fields and to achieve their academic career targets after they graduate.

Our faculty currently withholds five programs in which the medium of instruction is English: Business Administration; Economics, Digital Media and Marketing International Relations, and Accounting and Finance. Our faculty serves to raise individuals whose main aim is to conduct research, to think critically and to continuously improve, under the supervision of experienced faculty members.

At the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, we work towards delivering quality education and raising graduates who will have global, economic, and social contributions in both academia and the practical sector. Welcome to our faculty, we wish all our new and former students’ success in their studies.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet YEŞİLTAŞ

Dean, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences