Every cycle has its own spirit.
The 21st century has been a time in which many truths we have known in the past, have been redefined or have lost their validity. Therefore, we have to equip the teachers of the New Age with the skills required in this era. Teacher training forms are the basis of education systems. Nowadays, when the understanding of education is changing fundamentally, we have to educate good teachers. Good teachers are raised by good academic staff, an effective environment and solid philosophyToday, we have to move from the understanding of teaching, to the learning concept; from the understanding that makes the information the focal point, toward a more student-centered approach. Teacher training emerges as the main field of work and development in countries. When comparing countries, the education system is classified as good and bad, based on the success of the students in international exams.
Our faculty, which was established in 2006, continues providing education with the understanding of:
• Having values with a social purpose,
• Not limiting the education to the school setting,
• Emphasizing talent, not diplomas,
• Offering individualized learning,
• Showing enhanced ability to work jointly,
• Having the desire to participate in a social environment with an improved sense of serving the society.

Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim YALIN

Dean, Faculty of Education