Welcome to the dynamic Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University. Today, advances in knowledge and technology make it necessary to change health policies and health practices. This change calls for programmes that provide education in different areas in order to provide quality services to the community's health needs. The development of health care services is only possible if individuals trained in different health fields are able to work as a team in the direction of common goals.
In order to educate qualified human resources in health services, the CIU Health Sciences Faculty is striving to carry out team work in the process of education. Our faculty began to register its first students in the 2011-2012 academic year. There are various departments approved by YÖK in the Faculty of Health Sciences..Our students are educated with the contributions of well-known faculty members and continue to develop in integration with national and international exchange and graduate programmes. The fact that our faculty is located in one of the biggest universities in the TRNC is an important advantage. CIU Health Sciences has taken its place among the respected institutions in our country and other related countries with each department a reference unit in the field.

Prof. Dr. Feray GÖKDOĞAN

Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences