Dear students,
Our faculty, which set out to train competent pharmacists from the 2011-2012 academic year, is rapidly advancing in the race to take its place in the international scientific arena. Our faculty, which strengthens its academic and technological infrastructure day by day, continues to contribute to the society by providing not only vocational education to its students, but also individuals with a scientific, independent and questioning nature of thinking, based on equitable, participatory, transparent, reliable, innovative and efficient core values.
More than 850 students coming to our university from many countries across the world, create a university environment where knowledge and cultural wealth are blended with the equipment of expert faculty members.
The doors of our environment-friendly Science and Technology Building, where our faculty is located, opens with the atmosphere brought by our students from many parts of the world, and again, our students leave these doors for the last time, fully equipped in the field of pharmacy.
Our faculty, which ensures that our students have gained professional competence with their M.Pharm. and Pharm.D degree, and are equipped to compete across world platforms, stands out with the opportunities offered to our students in terms of both the technology of the student laboratories and the freedom of study, and every scientific-based step forward ensures the sustainability of the students to be embellished with bright information.

Prof. Dr. Emine Yasemin YAZAN

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy