About the Program

First and Emergency Aid Technician training is 2 (two) years at associate degree level. The prospective students must fulfill the 233 criteria stated in the ÖSYM Registration and Reference Manual (being 1.65 m for male students, 1.60 m for female students in height; being no more than 5 kg or 15 kg less than the body height stated in weight; having the body and physical competence to work in a two-person team for rescue and transportation, carrying of the patient with the teammate). Education is provided in both theory and practice. Practical trainings are carried out in collaboration with the relevant units of the health institutions (112 Ambulance Stations and Emergency Services). In addition, everyone who graduated from the department must obtain a driver's license. Students graduating with the title of Health Technician by completing all of the occupational practices and internships in the program can work in pre-hospital emergency care services and other emergency services.

Educational Opportunities

Cyprus International University have, so far, trained First and Emergency Aid Technicians who have an important place in Emergency Health Services; are able to do all types of medical interventions to the patient; are healthy and powerful; are able to make quick and accurate decisions; can use their hands and fingers skillfully; have strong sense of responsibility; establish good rapport with others. These are ensured through the use of state-of-the-art practice models and field instructors throughout their education.

Career Areas

Those who graduate from the program receive their associate degree diploma and take the title of "First and Emergency Aid Technician". Thus, they can work in emergency units of hospitals, 112 centers and stations, ambulance services. First and emergency aid technicians work in university and state hospitals, private health institutions' ambulance services and workplace emergency aid units. First and emergency aid technicians can also work as health personnel in emergency aid and patient transport ambulances, call-waiting staff in command control centers and health personnel in hospital emergency services. Those who successfully complete the associate degree program of the first and emergency aid, can make vertical transition to Emergency Aid and Disaster Management, Health Institutions Management or Nursing degree programs on the condition that they are successful in the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) organized by OSYM. They can also apply to distance education of the same departments without examination.


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