Who can stay in the dormitories?

Cyprus International University students can stay.

I want to stay in the dormitory, how can I apply?

Dormitory Registration applications can be done by Turkish Registration and Offices representatives or students who do not come through a representative can directly apply to the Residence Halls Directorate for the dorm room they would like. The Dormitory Office is located on the 1st floor of Bufavento on campus.

What documents are required for a residence application?

Students who do not come through a representative can go directly to the Residence Halls Directorate and learn the price of the dorm room which is available to them by accounting or Turkish Republic Marketing Office or International Office, and after completing the related fee, they can complete the registration process by going to the Residence Halls Directorate again.

Is there a priority for dormitory placement?

Newly registered students have priority in dormitory placement.

Can I choose my roommate when applying for a residence?

If you specify the name of the friend you want to stay with, the request will be met if possible.

Is there a curfew (entry-exit times) in the dormitories?

Students staying in dormitories must enter their dorm on Monday though Thursday, and Sunday at the latest by 00:00 (midnight) and Friday and Saturday at the latest by 2:00.

What should you bring with you when you come to the dorm room?

Students are required to bring personal belongings, cleaning products, electronic items, bed linen (pillow, duvet, bed sheet and pillow cover) in addition to training and stationery. Bed linens can be found at Lemar Supermarket on the campus at an affordable price. In Northern Cyprus, electrical outlets are triple so students are advised to bring a triple plug.

Is there any place I can shop on campus?

Students can meet their needs at Lemar Supermarket on the university campus between 08:30 and 21:00.

Is there access to the city center?

CIU services provide a free weekday and weekend shuttle service. Click for transportation timetable.

How can I obtain a proof of my stay at the dorm?

Students staying in dormitories can obtain a document from the Dormitories Office located on the 1st floor of the BUFAVENTO dormitory.

Can my guest stay in my room with me?

Guests are not allowed to stay in dorm rooms. There are exceptions if there is bad weather conditions, emergencies, etc. Students who are of the same gender, can visit in day time hours with the permission of the Directorate and the approval of the other students in the room.

Can my mother, father, brother or friend stay in my room?

In order for the 1st degree relatives of student stay on the campus, accommodation in other rooms decided by the Residence Halls Directorate is provided for a fee. However, in case of sickness and emergencies, they can be hosted in the student's room with the consent of the other students in the room and with the permission of the Residence Halls Directorate.

Is there a place to go when there is a health problem in the campus?

Cyprus the International University’s Health Center provides all kinds of health and first aid interventions, as well as outpatient services from doctors and nurses. In cases where students and staff have a physical disability and cannot go to the health center, health personnel will go to their location and help. The health center can be reached at 0392 671 1111-2905 during working hours.

What should be done when I lose my room entry/exit card/key?

Students who lose the room key should inform the reception of the related dormitory.

Can posters and pictures be hung in dorm rooms?

Without the approval of the Residence Halls Directorate in the dormitories, nothing can be hung up on the walls.

What is the punishment for not complying with the rules of living?

The students who do not comply with the rules of dormitory life are warned by the disciplinary committee of the Residence Halls Directorate.

What should be done if there is an electronic or technical problem in the dormitories?

The malfunctions related to your room can be reported to the related units via www.kbs.ciu.edu.tr. In addition, a request can be made by calling or visiting the relevant dormitory reception.

What kind of action should be taken to leave the dormitory when the education period is over?

It is necessary to sign the national exit form from the relevant building supervisors.

Can the dormitory room be equipped with appliances such as kettle, electric heater, or microwave?

In the studio-type dorms, cooking, stove, heater, gas, etc., it is forbidden, in order to prevent fires and other hazards (an electric kettle to heat water can be used with the permission of the Residence Halls Directorate). It is also strictly forbidden to use any type of flammable and/or flammable devices. The devices which are forbidden to use shall be removed from the room and stored for the student until the end of the academic year.

Can you feed a domestic animal in the dorm room?

It is strictly forbidden to feed any kind of animals in the dormitories. If detected, the animal will be removed from the environment and the cost shall be collected from the residents and/or the student.

Do you need to leave the dorm room during the semester break?

The student does not need to leave the dorm room during the semester break.

Is there a warehouse where items are kept during the semester holidays?

There is no need for storage as students do not have to leave their current rooms during the semester break. However, upon request, it can be taken with the delivery certificate.