Dear students,
We hope to see you all in our university, where the priority is given to the health and safety, and where all the necessary measures are taken so that you can continue your education life in the best way.
An announcement has already been made to you about the education model of the 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall semester.
With this announcement, we would like to inform you in detail about the criteria for arrival requirements in TRNC, entry into the country and quarantine processes, by noting that you must be in the TRNC in the 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall semester and complete your student immigration permits, as per the decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers.
We expect you to act in a way that you protect yourselves and your environment, and to follow the announcements that we will share with you all the time about any developments regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.
In the fall semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year, the exams of all courses will be held on campus; not online and the midterm exams will start on November 13, 2021. In this context, it is important for our students to determine the date when they will arrive in TRNC considering the quarantine period.

Travel to TRNC
The rules for entering the country from outside the island are specified by the TRNC Ministry of Health in terms of the country colour codes. Color codes of countries are updated weekly evaluationing the situation of Covid-19. Before your travel, you can follow the current situation on the TRNC Ministry of Health website.

When the entry conditions into the island are examined in line with the colour codes of the countries specified by the TRNC Ministry of Health, if the person who will enter the island is considered as a "vaccinated person*", the quarantine condition may not be applied or it may be reduced. Therefore, it is very important that you complete the vaccination process.
On your arrival on the island, you are required to have the official document showing that you have been vaccinated.
According to the decision taken by the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture and the TRNC Ministry of Interior Affairs, the vaccination status must be submitted by our students 72 hours before their arrival date on the island. For this reason, it is important that all our students fill in the 'Vaccination and Arrival Information' form available on the Student Information System ( ) with complete and correct information, taking account of working days, in order to avoid problems entering into the island.
*A vaccinated person means a person who has completed the vaccination process and 14 days have passed after his or her last dose.

Vaccine types and minimum doses
CORONAVAC (Sinovac): 2 doses
SINOPHARM: 2 doses
COMIRNATY (Pfizer/Biontech): 2 doses
VAXZEVRIA (Astrazeneca/Oxford): 2 doses
COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen / Johnson and Johnson: 1 dose
SPUTNIK V: 2 doses
MODERNA: 2 doses
• A person who has had two doses of different vaccines is considered as a vaccinated person.
• The people who have received 1 dose of Recall vaccine six months after they have had the COVID-19 disease will be considered as vaccinated.
• People who have had the disease must submit a positive PCR test result involving the period between 30 and 180 days before their travel.

Things that Needs to Be Done Before Arriving in TRNC
You must fill in your passenger form at and get a QR code (People who do not have a QR code will not be able to enter the country.). If you have been vaccinated, you must have your vaccination card and/or PCR test results with you for customs control.
• When you check the website of the TRNC Ministry of Health regarding the color code of your country and see if you will undergo the quarantine process, you should download the mobile application called 'Güvende Kal/Stay Safe' application on your mobile phone before you come to the TRNC. You must complete your 'Güvende Kal' app registration and the payment process. While you are following the necessary steps to reach the QR code, your mobile sim card should have a network. You must know that every sim card should be used only for 1 QR code in order to enable pairing with the wristband once you arrive to the TRNC airport. You need to know the mobile number that you followed the process with. Otherwise, you will face problems.
• The "Quarantine Tracking System" is a paid application and costs a total of 750 TL and of this amount 350 TL is a refundable deposit. You can access all kinds of information about the Quarantine Tracking System on
• For the 'Güvende Kal' application, you must have an accessible/networked SIM card with you when you arrive in the TRNC or you must obtain one from the airport as soon as possible (People with mobile devices that cannot be connected to the application will not be able to enter the country.)

Quarantine Process
Everyone who will be subject to the quarantine process must comply with the above-mentioned requirements before coming to the TRNC.

A) Quarantine Service of the university
• As of September 10, 2021, our university will provide quarantine services to its students within its capacity.
• To benefit from this service, you must fill out a form on
• According to the availability of the quarantine dormitories, you will be informed about the reservation via e-mail and your reservation confirmation document will be sent. It is important that you specify the quarantine address specified in the approval document in the passenger form, which you will fill out at
• Students who do not comply with the quarantine rules will be sent to the central quarantine service places by the TRNC authorities, they will have to meet the central quarantine fee and penalty action will be initiated against them in accordance with the relevant legislation.

B) Application of Home Quarantine
• You must mention your residence address in the TRNC.
• You can go to your residence addresses, where you will spend the quarantine periods, either alone with your own vehicles or accompanied by a driver, or by public transportation, taxi, touristic minibus and licensed vehicles determined by the Ministry of Finance (Transfer fees belong to the relevant person).
• Students who do not comply with the home quarantine rules will be sent to the central quarantine service places by the TRNC authorities, they will have to meet the central quarantine fee and penalty action will be initiated against them in accordance with the relevant legislation.

C) Service of the TRNC Central Quarantine
• Students who cannot show their residence address will be charged for the quarantine process within the TRNC central quarantine service areas.

Quarantine Fees
Apart from the wristband application and PCR test expenses required by the TRNC Ministry of Health, the fees which will be paid by people who prefer to stay in another quarantine place are provided below.
A) The University
• Students who have not made a dormitory reservation on an annual or semester basis: 10 Euros per day for accommodation + 3 meals a day,
• Students who have made their annual or semester dormitory reservation without meals: 5 Euros per day for 3 meals,
• Students who make their annual or semester dormitory reservation by choosing (1 or 2) less than 3 meals: will be priced at 2 Euros per meal.
• Quarantine fee will not be applied to students who have made their annual or semester dormitory reservation with 3 meals a day.

B) Home Quarantine Application
• Home quarantine can be applied after complying the requirements of the Güvende Kal application and the wristband and residence address declaration.

C) TRNC Central Quarantine Service
• 4,000 TL / 475 $ / 390 € / 335 STG for quarantine up to 10 days
• 1800 TL / 215 $ / 175 € / 150 STG for each person over 5 years old who will stay in the same room with the 1st person in quarantine for up to 10 days
• 5,400 TL / 640 $ / 525 € / 450 STG for a 14-day quarantine
• 2,500 TL / 295 $ / 245 € / 210 STG for each person over 5 years old who will stay in the same room with the 1st person in a 14-day quarantine.
Below are the bank account numbers and IBAN numbers to which the TRNC State Quarantine Service test and quarantine fees will be deposited.
Recipient name: K.K.T.C. (TRNC) The Ministry of Finance
Recipient address: K.K.T.C. (TRNC) Ministry of Finance, Nicosia, K.K.T.C.
Bank address: Şht. Mustafa Ahmet Ruso Sokak no: 11 Küçük Kaymaklı, Nicosia, K.K.T.C.
Bank in which the fee will be deposited: T.C. Ziraat bank
Account no: 40298710-5001
IBAN: TR290001000860402987105001
Account no: 40300032-5001
IBAN: TR470001000860403000325001
Account no: 40298710-5002
IBAN: TR020001000860402987105002
Account no: 40298710-5004
IBAN: TR450001000860402987105004

**Students who will not use the CIU quarantine service or home quarantine facility with the wristband application and choose to stay in the TRNC Central Quarantine Service areas will not be boarded if they do not present the document showing that the Central Quarantine fees have been paid.

Wishing you healthy days.