The Cyprus International University Continuing Education Center (CIUCEC) organizes, realizes and coordinates the educational programs offered to the public.The basic aim of CIUCEC is to carry out short and long term educational programs to meet the continuing education needs of actors in the society. By benefiting from the expert skills of the university’s various faculty units and presenting educational choices which are compatible with the individual’s career and personal development, CIUCEC aims not only to help individuals and professionals succeed in the evolving conditions of the world and the workplace, but also to serve for the improvement of the country by developing cooperation between the university and the public, between the private sector and international organizations.

CIUCEC has been carrying out those programs thanks to its experienced faculty members and qualified counsel professionals, for creative people interested in developing their skills and improve their productivity; by doing so the Center continues to successfully serve the public and ensure public welfare.

In addition to this mission, the Center focuses on meeting the educational needs and demands coming both from within the University and from a variety of domestic entities. Indeed, our environment is rapidly changing, especially our appreciation of technology; the Center offers the opportunity to acquire the needed skills to keep up with these evolutions and give the public the ability to keep up with those changes. The raison d’être of continuing education comes from this goal of adapting to those changes, in order to reach standards of developed countries and provide the society with a qualified and future oriented workforce. In this respect, CIUCEC contributes to the development of the University’s research and academic fields through seminars, activities and extra curricular educational programs. This enables cooperation with the public service, the private sector and international institutions, with the aim of serving those sectors and, more broadly, the community.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet ADALIER
Director of the Continuing Education Center