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CIU Arena

The largest integrated sport facility of the TRNC



The CIU Sports Complex aims to develop and improve the physical and mental health of students, staff and the public. Furthermore, it aims to increase the social development characteristics of students, by introducing them to various sports that are available to ensure that they are healthy individuals. CIU, forms the Arena Sports Complex in an ideal way to host large organizations, taking into account of international norms.

The CIU Arena is the largest and only integrated sports complex in the TRNC, which has indoor and outdoor courts and pitches, multi-purpose studios, fitness center, climbing wall, semi-olympic swimming pool, shooting range, table tennis and squash hall that everyone can benefit from.

While the CIU Arena Sports Complex offers high quality services in various sports for beginners and experienced athletes, it also plays an active role in the preparation of teams that representing the university in competitions.

In addition to various sports, dietitian service are also available to help individuals maintain long-term health goals.

There are options for everyone, may it be to enhancing fitness through sports, specializing in a new branch, body building or becoming a good swimmer.

Discover international sporting standard facilities which are available in CIU Arena.

Get the opportunity of joining various sports teams at CIU.

Find out different kinds of membership for students, staff and the public.


Sports Affairs Directorate


Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2971-2970


Acting Director: Tarkan Kayaş

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Weekdays: Monday- Friday 09:00-21:00
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