Health Center
The doctor and nurse at Cyprus International University Health Center provide students and university staff with all kinds of health and first aid services as well as outpatient services. In cases where students and staff have a physical disability and cannot go to the health center, health personnel will go to their location and help.
Students with Health Insurance can be treated in all hospitals under the Ministry of Health.
Students can get emergency services, diagnosis and check-ups in polyclinics (laboratory, x-ray); tooth extraction and filling at dental polyclinics; big and small operations; while inpatient and can benefit from all the services without paying any treatment expenses.
In the Health Center, a patient transport vehicle is available 24 hours a day. Emergency assistance services can be obtained by calling 800, which are available 24 hours during off-hours and public holidays.
The health center can be reached at 0392 671 1111-2905 during working hours.
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center
The Center for Psychological Counseling and Guidance aims to help individuals personally understand the problems that cause discomfort and understand their own behaviors, thoughts and moods, and effectively raise awareness.
Psychological Counseling provides help needed in the decision-making process for individuals.

The security team of Cyprus International University is responsible for the campus and dormitories. The Campus Security team can be reached 24/7 at 0392 671 1111-2936.

In the dormitory rooms, cleaning is provided according to the regular schedule, and in the common living areas throughout the day.
The students who want to have their rooms cleaned should sign the cleaning request form from the building supervisors and the cleaning days are determined and put into the routine cleaning order with the other requests.
However, the cleaning request form must be completed and given to the building supervisor within 1 month after the moving in.
As stated in the dormitory living rules, every individual who stays in the room should be able to leave his/her room and keep it clean and organized to not disturb their roommate.

Electricity, Heating and Hot Water
The dormitories have 24-hour hot water and a central heating system is used during the winter.
All dormitory rooms and apartments have an individual water meter. All meters are scanned before students are placed in their rooms.
On 26th of each month, building supervisors keep track of the meter for each apartment's electricity and heating (electricity and heating consumption are divided equally into room residents).
Electric unit price is 0.47 TL, central heating system unit price is 1.75 TL.
All studio dormitories have central heating and 24/7 hot water.
Each room in the Soli residence has air conditioning and is activated by summer, winter mode and central orientation. Hot water is available 24/7.
In Apart Type Dormitories, Apart 3 is air-conditioned.

There are two laundry facilities on campus, behind Simit Dünyası, located in the Student Center and under the Soli residence. In the laundry facilities there are washing machines, dryers and industrial ironing boards.
Washing price is 5 TL, drying price is 5TL.

Food Services
Cyprus International University (CIU) offers healthy, clean and quality food services to all students and employees.
Food service facilities have ISO 22000: 2005 Food safety management system and ISO 9001: 2008 Quality management system certificates and serve for all needs in the best way. Food service facilities connected to the Campus Directorate are regularly inspected.
The student cafeteria serves three meals a day with a seating capacity of 460 people. Menu and dishes are prepared under the supervision of expert dietitians and many options are provided. Students with a meal plan are entitled to three meals in this cafeteria with their student cards.
Restaurants and cafes where students can have fun and meet their food and beverage needs are located in the Student Center. Here, there are various service buildings serving different types of food and beverages.
In addition to these, faculty buildings have desserts and cafes where you can enjoy alternative meals throughout the day.
For students, who want to stay in studio dormitories, they are offered a package program where meals, dormitories and tuition fees for bundled together at a reasonable price.

Rest Rooms
All studio type dormitory buildings have a seating area in the entrance.

Accommodation is provided for parents or guests for a fee.Sheets and duvets are provided.

Internet and TV
All dormitory buildings have network sockets and wireless internet connection. The rooms have a telephone and a TV with cable channels.

Postal/Cargo Services
Students can obtain their incoming mail from the table where the post office is located at the entrance of the Student Services building.
On weekdays between 14: 00-16: 30, incoming mail is distributed.

Car Park
There are car parking areas in the CIU residential buildings. Students must purchase a car stamp from the Campus Directorate.

In the Student Services Building, there is Nova Bank, as well as the Student Center has two common ATMs. Also near Lemar Supermarket you can find Garanti Bank ATM.

The CIU Library on campus serves students 7 days a week.

Spor Activities
In order to meet the sports needs of the students, the CIU ARENA Sports Complex, is located on campus and open 7 days a week.
The largest and only integrated sports complex in the TRNC, the CIU Arena offers indoor and outdoor courts and pitches for everyone.

Students can access the campus free of charge on the shuttle that runs from the campus to the city center.
Please click for transportation service hours.

Games areas
Students can benefit from activities such as billiards, darts and pinball in the Student Center.

Cinema Hall
Students can watch film screenings organized by the Coordination of Social Activities and International Center in the Cinema Hall in the Student Center.