The importance of organic farming during the Covid-19 process

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Ahsen Işık Özgüven stated that due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the importance of increasing organic farming areas has increased in the world, and went on to say, “Due to the epidemic, the EU and many other countries have initiated studies to increase the organic agriculture areas. It is important for the TRNC to turn the epidemic into an opportunity in increasing the efforts to develop organic agriculture areas and the necessary policies”.

The importance of organic farming during the Covid-19 process

Pointing out the necessity for the steps to be taken in relation to organic agriculture by the relevant ministries, together with local and non-governmental organizations, Özgüven elaborated that it would be beneficial to introduce the island as an agro-eco tourism island, by evaluating its geographical location and other similar positive values.

Prof. Dr. Özgüven stated that work upon organic agriculture have been in place in the TRNC since 2005, and that it currently continues with the production of citrus fruits, olives, pomegranates, figs, carob, grapes, and artichokes, as well as partial animal production, however it is important to increase the product types and the farming areas.

Expressing that the supply of organic agricultural products to the market, which obtain high added financial value is necessary for both the economy and the consumer, Özgüven advised, “with the right directions applicable in the TRNC, taking in to account its ecology and natural structure, organic agriculture should be encouraged. In this way, it will be ensured that the living standards of those who make their living via agriculture will be improved, in addition to both the island economy and in the regions where organic agriculture is prevalent”.

"Due to it being an island, Cyprus obtains a great advantage in terms of organic agriculture”.
Noting that the countries where their geographical location is isolated, such as the TRNC, should be in the position to meet their own needs in terms of food, Özgüven said that due to it being an island, Cyprus has a great advantage in terms of organic farming in this respect.

Prof. Dr. Özgüven stated that although the small-scale nature of the agricultural enterprises on the island is seen as a negativity, with the right form of direction and shaping, it can be ensured that the other existing producers tend to organic agriculture. "By obtaining the organic product certification, their place in the world markets can be accelerated” she concluded.

News Date: January 26, 2021