Swimming Gala at CIU

Sports Affairs Directorate and International Center of Cyprus International University (CIU) jointly organized a Swimming Gala at the CIU ARENA. 

Swimming Gala at CIU

In the Swimming Gala auditions held at the CIU Arena, a total of 54 men and women athletes participated  in the 25m freestyle, 25m breaststroke, 25m backstroke, 25m butterfly, 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle categories. 

CIU ARENA Sports Coordinator Tarkan Kayaş stated that there has been a high demand from students for sports activities and that they have been organizing various events at CIU ARENA to increase student satisfaction.

He expressed that participation in the Swimming Gala was so high that this increased their motivation, and that the students competed in a nice atmosphere.  Kayaş said they want to organize swimming races traditionally in the coming years.

CIU ARENA Swimming Instructor Meliha Kaya stated that the students showed great enthusiasm in swimming auditions and added with this event, they provided opportunities for students to do sports alongside their academic studies.

The winners of the CIU Swimming Gala were 25m freestyle Xante Van Der Maas, 25 m breaststroke Aida Ghanipourmachiani, 50m butterfly Khondwani Mulenga, 50m breaststroke Mutale Mulenga,100m freestyle Khondwani Mulenga medals, and  were awarded to the winners. 

News Date: May 7, 2022